Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, December 24, 2009

3 Hos :P


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheap trick

Yeah, i'm pulling some cheap tricks here....eye candies for my male readers!
Pics taken while attending some property launching with my colleagues.
Those were mocktails, how boring....

Cols, Gigi and Janice..

Lastly, runway show by Zangtoi, the models were really stickthin...*envy* haha.
How how?

Friday, December 11, 2009

new moon rising

Go Team Taylor!!!!!!
I know i'm not supposed to do this at my age...but........droollzzzzzz................!

Monday, December 7, 2009

More greed!

Girl, 25. Guy, 40. Girl pretty. Guy not pretty. Guy and girl bought a 3 million bungalow. Guy took loan. Only guy.

How much do I regret didnt follow my mum's advice to have braces fitted on my crooked dental when I was young? How much do I regret not being much more vain and make up for 3 hours a day? How much do I regret eating so much bak kut teh? How much?

3zerozerozerozerozerozero. That's how much.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Why can't one be content with what one has? When one strives for more in life, doesn't it mean one is greedy? Doesn't it mean one is committing a deadly sin?

But then again, one shouldn't ponder so much since one just had bak kut teh in klang.. gluttony is such a delicious sin....

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Crack's crack

Remember the days when Tom Cruise was hot? Prior to the couch jumping Oprah cringing moment? The Top Gun, Days of Thunder days? Well, ok, so he’s aged, but he is still hotter than 99% of the world male population, right?

Thus, let’s all say hi to Tom’s butt crack… And wouldn’t you want him to sire a daughter like Suri with you? This is your lucky day then, by the powers granted to me by the Ministry of Divine Butts n Almighty Cracks, I hereby bestow on you, if you stare at the Tom’s buttcrack for 2 hours while chanting the mantra “GIMME THE MONEY”, one hubby the name of Tom, and a daughter named Suri, and one very strong couch.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My less eloquent but not less passionate piece

Rakyat diutamakan, pencapaian didahulukan

That's the tagline heard everywhere these days. 1Malaysia the slogan is catchy, rainbow-filled and best of all, rolls of the tongue easily- it is one syllable lesser than Malaysia Boleh.

So my dearest has written a piece to state his mind (mission statement ala Jerry Maguire comes to mind, dear reminds me of Tom Cruise of coz, not Cuba Gooding Jr.) and saying enough is enough. Our country has basically gone to the dogs and 1Malaysia is actually the abbrevation for 1Malaysia-feed-the-cronies-who-raised-petrol-prices-and-not-income-and-rakyat-ends-up-dying-together. Quite a mouthful, that is why the shortened version is more popular.

I can't help but wonder whether my dearest's trip to our neighbour's kiasuland recently influenced him to write that piece. And also my occasional whining and wishing aloud of migrating. I suspect both did. Together of coz, with the ridiculous happenings involving windows and cows recently.

I used to an idealist as well, I wanted to be proud of 1M, wanted to do good, wanted to fight for rights, wanted to see corruptions and cronyisms end. Heck, i even marched to the Prime Minister's department in the rain to hand over the memorandum seeking a royal commission during the height of the correct, correct, correct debacle. But.. i'm afraid, that is all i can credit myself with in regards to standing up for things that are right, and saying we want change. That and writing a short blog post asking ppl to go and vote at the previous election. little I did.

But but 3808 was monumental. Some ppl even call it a political tsunami. But i think the previous government would probably think of it as the shit hits the fan at full blast. And it definitely cannot get any shittier than now (I stand to be corrected, of coz, as time and again the politicians just managed to up a notch and sprang a few more surprises (ie. feed more shits to the rakyat)). I'm not a political person, I don't read the papers nor do I even watch the news everyday and if I happen to catch the news, I'm more interested to see Nadal's tight ass running around court than the 1M politicians gracefully and smilingly spooning us poops, thank you very much. Therefore, why should I even bother bout the political going-ons??

Answer is very simple: coz I live in this country (pre-migration, dear?) and the state of the political climate and how the government runs are affecting me now more than ever. Because of the level of corruptions, because of the cronyisms, leading to inflation, leading to increased crime rate, leading to the stagnant salaries, leading to the declining education system, leading to the religious intolerance, leading to smaller things like potholes (although potholes are generally quite big nowadays), high toll rates, ron92 to ron95, the police especially hard-working ridding the roads of bad bad people in the middle of the nites during this holy month, i can go on and on...

The thing is, I can be more diligent and rise up the ranks, ask for more salary, have better buying power and can afford better things like v-power instead of the rons. But I know at that time, things like snatch thiefs and motorbikers breaking my car's windows then grabbing my purse and abducting my children in playgrounds would still be among my top concerns. Leave it to the police, you say? Well, there are just sooo many bad ppl to apprehand on quiet roads at 1 a.m that I don't think they have the time really.

The politicians have working hard to brainwash us into thinking that nevermind the advanced countries, our county is so much better off than so many others, that we are the fortunate lot. Great, go on and compare with Indonesia, Bangladesh and the likes, as we'll also be among their ranks very soon. All I know is that even if the kiasulanders are kiasu, at least their buses come on time. Advanced countries do have better living standards and better living standard comes from very simply good governance, which is needless to say that we do not have.

I don't offer any solutions to change, no suggestions either. What I can do is let my grievances be made and let's pray that the rakyat's voice will be loud enough to whip the politicians into action. Let's all pray for a change soon. And soon is not nearly enough. I want it now. So that I can also laungkan 1Malaysia proudly. Don't you want it too??

Anyway, which comes first? The rakyat or the pencapaian?

Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s time to say enough is enough

ChungYee's piece

I would consider myself to be a person who talks about politics only in coffee shops, forward some emails and complains endlessly about the injustices that we suffer and how we should strive to make Malaysia a better country to live in. Like many millions of Malaysians, I only talk the talk and not walk the walk. I have seen my friends being hauled by the authorities for participation in illegal assembly and lighting candles but they remained undeterred and as passionate as ever. They continued with their march and struggle with more determination than before while I sit behind my desk and continue to complain about the little imperfections in our lives.

I never did what they did because being charged in court and spending a night (or a few nights) in the lockup is not exactly what I have in mind as the price to pay for speaking up.

Incidents that have taken place lately started to alarm me. Is it because there are so many of us that choose to remain silent in order not to ‘stir the hornet’s nest’ we have become the reason why some are so bold as to openly threaten bloodshed before my very own backyard? Fortunately they do not represent every right thinking member of the Muslim community but unfortunately like all cancerous cells, it is dangerous that such scourge should go uncheck. The Sedition Act and the Penal Code isn’t the right vaccine.

These hooligans that lives amongst us do not tolerate nor practice any form of moderation whilst our Prime Minister talk incessantly about his 1Malaysia and took it one step further and said there must be acceptance. His slogan is mind boggling because the government and the party that he leads do not believe in it. In order for these political parties to survive, UMMO must be seen as the protector of Malay rights and MCA must be seen as the protector of Chinese rights and MIC must be seen as the protector of Indian rights. If the rakyat does not feel that they are oppressed because of their race, UMMO, MCA and MIC would not be relevant. Hence certain leaders are quick to provoke racial sentiment as it is their survival at stake.

I am not too bothered about politics until people like Hishamuddin comes out singing to the tune of the hooligans. I am not too bothered about politics until Teoh Beng Hock died mercilessly whilst in custody of MACC. I am not too bothered about politics until Khir Toyo talked about the cow as a stupid animal. I have as much right to speak as any Malaysian would, we demand to live in peace and we demand to live in an environment where our children do not grow up hating one another. We all deserve a better Malaysia! The final cry is this and it ought to be the loudest and the title says it all.

- Mr.Ng

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nice girly things..

I'm turning into a bag lady, and I mean those expensive kinds. I don't own one although bags have been in the conversation whenever i chat with my dear bridezilla. Or at least shopping related things.

So, my dear bridezilla and I went to the Melium outlet over the weekend where she uh hum.. bought sthing.. sthing perhaps slightly over the budget..but hey, we analysed and thought it justified buying coz it's selling at almost 70% off! A bargain, really. :-P Just don't tell bridezilla's hubby or he might just turn into godzilla. haha..

So, returning to bags. Seems like everyone around me has got a nice bag. Nice would mean with an angmo/Italian (preferably) name. Price is secondary, you can't put a price tag on things u find beautiful, can you. :-)

Thus, dear bridezilla, RM5,980 on a gorgeous Gcci bag is soooo worth it k, you have my support 100%! Devil...devil.... muahahhaa..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Serving Mankind

Okay, so everyone's sick of my new posts containing only words and more words. But my photos are all stored somewhere else and I'm like a very poor gypsy, going round borrowing pcs and laptops everywhere just to log into facebook and blogspot. SO there, i know my blog is sooo boring...zzzzzzzzz.....

BUt i got tics to watch Transformers this weekend! I was so kiasu i actually went and queued at GSC Times Square after i found out that the website was as good as crashed. And i didnt even get very good seats...hahaha..but hey...kiasuism can only get one so far...i'm NOT like, suppperrrr kiasssuuuuu okay.

Anyway, to round this up....Whats Transformers without the hot chick right...

Haha, so its an arty shot of her without her hot body showing..but i like this shot still..just coz she doesnt look slutty or draggy here.

Ta now..........:-)

Monday, June 8, 2009


A SINGAPOREAN died of heart failure after his penis became stuck in a soft drink bottle, reported Sin Chew Daily and China Press.The incident happened when the 77-year-old man used the bottle to masturbate.China Press reported that the senior citizen got his private part into the bottle and only sought help after his penis could not be dislodged from the bottle despite trying various ways such as applying soap water.Doctors tried to alleviate the man’s suffering by cutting the bottle below the neck but to no avail because by that time, the skin around the penis had started to become inflamed, causing him to be unable to urinate.His misadventure later led to other medical complications causing his death.


Denise's musings: Didn't he ever watched American Pie 1, 2, 3? ;-P Who knew pies are life-savers!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I wrote this ages ago, just didnt get the chance to upload it to blogspot..sigh, poor blog, poor me..
Well, here goes anyway.....
I was at Leisure Mall last sunday with Yshin watching Wolverine. Show wasnt bad, Hugh Jackman is his normal suave, charismatic self and I quite like Liev Shreiber as well. His lady is Naomi Watsons, if you didnt know that, which you probably didnt coz u're not a movie nerd like yours truly here. Anyway, not here to talk bout movies... but Startrek isnt too bad as well. Normally Startrek and wolverine are the kind of movies that i wouldnt have high hopes for, as these are sci fi-ley and comic adaptations, which we've had prequels, sequels, whateverquels. And, as some ppl would know, I always act like a total shmuck after some movies as i could predict the chains of storylines or some of the 'twists' that would unfold. Its not a gd thing being a movie nerd, coz movies don really spring surprises and entertain as much anymore after a while. I hope i don't turn into a B grade movies fan, like my buddy, in the long run. But for Startrek, i couldnt really guessed how the story would turn out to be, well, there;s an idea that captain kirk would save the world and the eric bana bad guy would meet a bad end somehow, but since its sci fi-ley and i'm not a sci fi-ley person, a lot of the movie's imaginations and interpretations entertained me. Having Heroes' resident psycho acting as the young enigmatic Spock helped a lot too. One flaw, I don like the Zoe girl. Black girls should always be curvy like Beyonce and Tyra Banks. Errr..back to my non-movie subject... So i was in Leisure Mall, then I went to Watsons to get some lotion. When i was making payment, this girl came up to me n told me tat with my receipt and answering a few questions i can get a free gift. So i said ok, the cheapo-who-loves-free-gifts that i am. So, apparently, they were having the annual Best Smile, Best Hair, Best Fake Boobs, you get the picture, kinda contest. And they gonna take pictures of ME submitting ME in alll the categories. I know i know, i'm making the contest a mockery of sorts. But hey, there werent a lot of customers tat day and they needed to meet quota. Not my fault if they're desperate, right. So they took pictures of my hair, full length body, half length body, hand on waist, etc. Take note that it was Sunday, I was wearing my nerdy kemek glasses, the tshirt i woke up that morning in, unbrushed hair, uncovered eye bags, the whole auntie in the pasar look... Oh wait, even aunties nowadays look better than me..
So, the girl asked me to write a few words as to why i think i deserve to win in the respective categories.. Okayyyy...first up, glorious hair : i blabbed something along the lines of long, smooth and shiny. Then best smile : Err..friendly and engaging.. Then Fit Figure : LOL. I tried to write something, anything, but i just could not stop laughing and Yshin was laughing as well. So in the end, i didnot write anything at all. I'm pretty self-delusional, but NOT to that extent.
Sad (or perhaps very expectedly), there isnt any notifications yet to tell me that i've won or even considered to have any chance to win.. Damn! Which goes to reiterate the theory that I have, which is to ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO FACE ANYTHING IN WHATEVER SITUATION AND TO OVERDRESS! If only i'd have taken an hour to make up and choose carefully an outfit to wear that fateful Sunday, perhaps I'll have a better chance of winning???? (This of course, doesnt factor in the fact that I probably should've worked out more vigorously for at least 10 years beforehand to win the Fit Figure category. Heh). And the most, most, most important thing is to always wear your nice lingerie! Yes, one wouldn't know when one would need to show their undies. Example: The movie Inside Man. In that movie, Clive Owen and gang hijacked a bank and forced everyone it to strip down to their undies in front of everyone else and then changed into identical jumpsuits to throw off the police's investigation. So, hypothetically, if I was in the bank at the time, on top of being really scared shitless, i'd be totally mortified as well coz i was wearing my moooost comfortable 5 year old undies which has holes all over (discounting the leg holes larr). Then on top of that, if the cctv footage was shown on some Craziest Police Videos show or was posted onto YOutube..... You get my point. Get some new undies and throw out the old ones! Its your choice: Comfort or Clive Owen's (and the rest of the world's) butta joke.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Child's Play

This is absolutely pathetic, but I don't care, coz at least i'm doing my best to cook sthing..anything, really, which resembles real food and most important of all, edible....
So I attempted to cook omelette recently and please, who would fail in making omelettes right? Well, so i started with the ingredients... I sliced and diced sausages and crab sticks. I use a lot of these 2 ingredients, mainly coz they keep for verrrrryyyy long time in the fridge and easy to cook. Overprocessed food that do not resemble their original look (ie chicken n crab in this case) are normally easily cooked. And eggs off course....

Then i boiled these 2 things to..well, a cooked state....

Then, ta-da, i put in the eggs (oh btw, i thought of making omelettes plainly coz the eggs which i gasak from leftover steamboat session have been sitting in the fridge for far too long) and there, ain't it looking pretty in the wok.

And well, tats all the pics, coz well, the omelette turned out looking fugly. I tried turning it but then i guess, it was too heavy coz the ingredients were more than the egg? and it just decided to 'scrambled' itself.

Now, don't say tsk-tsk to my cooking effort...coz who can say they can make fusion omelette and scrambled eggs?! U think is easy to stoop that low on a cooking level? U try it and let me know...


P.S-there's sthing wrong with the sequence of cooking here..Just realised i could do magic where sliced sausages and crabsticks can turned whole again! LOL.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicks Pics

Okay, just to show some hot girls in my blog to prevent the mass exodus of my blogders to ...say...dawnyeang's (typo intended) blog. Oh wait, maybe they already have. Haha..nvm, at least all the girls in my blog have not done any plastic surgeries of any kind..fake eyelashes and tonz of make ups mayb, but guaranteed nothing plasticky...but, after a few consultations with some guys, apparently they don't mind plastic surgeries done on girls, as long as they look HOT! Sigh, I should've known tat years ago when Pomelo ruled the TV land with running slow mo on Baywatch.

Anyway, these were taken during wedding dinner of frens in Equatorial Hotel sometime back.. I look so matronly compared with the other girls.

Yep, this aunty acting cute with the other young 'choy'...And the worst thing is at the ripe old age of 28, i'm only starting to have acne! Yes, adult acne. Damn sien..if i'm 18 its understandable la, not 28! Geesh, which reminds me i have to go and put on a mask now, beauty is a full time job apparently. Pomelo would agree with she even put masks on her 'twins'. ;-P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The wrath of the ji-muis

CY was a heng dai for one of his frens, and this is what he got from the ji-muis:-

Yep, they Veet-ted his leg! hahaha...

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Top 10

This list is a little outdated, wrote it bout 2 weeks ago, but here goes anyway:-

1) I'm super duper pauper broke this month. My new washer and car servicing and condo's maintenance charges had really done me in. The few birthdays and farewell gatherings definitely helped too. Helped towards my road to bankruptcy.
2) I thot this is really funny : I had a dream of CY having an affair with ...the thick lips herself! Ms. Angelina Jolie!! Bradcy is the new Bradpitt?
3) I found out I'm a better typist than the office clerk, whose job scope is 80% typing.
4) I'm so fat I imagine the scale to be an evil mental torture instrument. But then again, who loves their scales?
5) The shopaholic movie reminds me of my Bridezilla fren Annie.
6) There's a McDonald's hocus pocus going on! Don't get duped by it! When a deal sounds too good to be true, most times it probably is.
7) I'm gonna plant my size 6 feet on Indonesian soil for the very first time on Labour day. Wonder if i'll see Tobassie. Oh you know, Nessie from Lake Toba...
8) My favourites on this season's American Idol are Adam and Kris and Allison. Scott is too goody goody, Anoop is too puppy-eyed, Matt is too Michael Bubble-ish, Lil is too run of the mill, Danny is too kelian (he lost his granddad lately) and Megan is just, well...too gorgeous! Oozes sexual appeal, tat girl. Tonite at 9.45 i'll be glued to the idiot box like a true blue idiot that i allow myself to be. :-D
9) Credit cards late interest calculation has been revised since last year. If there's any amount outstanding, you don't get to enjoy the 21 days interest free period on new purchases! Take note of this, coz I was flabbergasted when I saw they charged me 12.98 for outstanding amount of 80!
10) I'm taking next Friday off, JUST to go sing karaoke with my sis. Jealous? Hahhahaa...Its ok, don be jealous, i'll make sure i sing your favourite karaoke session song too, email me your favs.. wahhahaha...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gather again..

This is as latest as it can get...these pics were just a few days old...fresh outta the Canon 750 oven.
We had gathered at La Bodega @ Pavillion for Hoi's belated bday last Wednesday. Pavillion has become some sort of our bdays/dinners go to place. Its central for everyone and everyone can pretend to have some sort of class to tell colleagues that oh, you're goin home already? I'm only just gonna hang out with my frens in Pavillion. Well, for me kampung girl, its as high class as it can be! Haha. You can take a girl outta a kampung, you cant take the kampung outta a girl. Kampung and proud of it! :-)

Clem is gonna head back to Sibu in May, how sad for us all, coz then we wouldn't able to listen to his stories which always start with the phrase "c*b#i".

Kok Wing and me here, kw being the new addition to our gathering group, mey dragged him along... The still-look-the-same-from-college-days Yin2 and the newly short haired Mey. What do you get when you put a 'slapper' and a 'high-pitcher' sitting together? A hell lot of 'kepohness'!

Another 2 kepohs here listening to the 2 earlier kepohs.. :-)

Bday boy looking happy eating his spaghetti and drinking his beer..

This was my order, Saffron Angel Hair bla wasnt smashing but already the best pasta dish among all...the others were really quite normal and bland... Desserts were nothing to shout about also, the Mango sthing sthing was the best of the lot, Choc Mousse bla bla and Almond bla bla were just that..Blah... For food and drinks for 9 of us were about 450. We've had better.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Book me, I'm cheap!!

I'm cracking my head lately to think of how to utilise my leave days. I still have about 7 leave days to take till end of june, on average i can take about 2 days a month til then. But its so annoying that I really have no plans to go anywhere coz I dont have enough dough. So, I'm putting in an offer to all of you here- to book me for day(s) out. I reckon short trips to Ipoh or whatever would be fun..or maybe just be a fake tai-tai for a day and go window shopping..or we can go for lunch Karaoke session perhaps? Maybe have a meal or just yamcha? Or you need anyone to run some errands with, like carrying ur groceries for u, since i'm such a good friend and all. :-) We can do anything, really. I just don't wan to waste my leave days only sleeping in. So, ring me up k, mates..cheerios til then..

Friday, March 20, 2009


LONDON (AFP) – Prince Charles has beaten off competition from US President Barack Obama to be named the world's best dressed man by Esquire magazine."He is perfectly turned out in a double-breasted suit. Admirably, the prince keeps his wardrobe in appropriate style: we're told he has a room laid out like a tailor's shop," the men's magazine said.Prince Charles, 60, keeps it simple and has worn suits by Saville Row tailors Gieves and Hawkes, complete with pocket handkerchief and silk tie, for years. Esquire said he was "always incredibly well dressed".The prince, who is heir to the British throne, beat off competition from Obama -- who came fourth in the top ten -- artist David Hockney (seventh), tennis player Roger Federer (eighth) and US rapper Andre 3000 (tenth).Prime Minister Gordon Brown, however, was named one of the worst dressed, with the magazine noting he had once "turned up in the Iraqi desert wearing black lace-ups".London Mayor Boris Johnson -- renowned for his slightly chaotic appearance -- was also criticised for having "jacket pockets like second-hand bookshops, and hair the result of an encounter with a ghost in a wind tunnel".

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bet you didnt know tat..

Milk pudding translated into Bahasa = Puting susu!

(Thanks to Connie for this ingenious, albeit accidental, translation)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving On..

Gee, i'm super duper diligent in blogging now am i not? :-) ..I guess i just wan to make up for lost opportunities and chances for great blog posts that i could've done for all the time i went MIA.

There were times when i was doing things and it would occur to me that dang, i'd love to put all these thoughts into writing now, too bad i cant blog bout this or that or the latest dirty joke that i heard. (wait for the next post on tat.hehe.)

So, here i am, able to blog again thanks to CY's generosity in lending me his lappie and depriving himself of the chance to get some guuterpostie (typo intended).

I finally moved out from (dare I say it, beloved) Miharja a few months back. For friends who have been to my ex-pad before would know how 'bad' the place was. But i've always thought it was ok. Except when the 'floaties' came and made everything 'brown'. Remember the taugeh story? Yep yep. So the place had a lot of flaws. But, it was also a home away from home for a very very long time. For bout 9 years, to be exact. Yea, nearly a decade. Mind-blowing really for those unaccustomed to the idea of living in the slums. Hahahahaa...

Anyway, I've always popped in to the neighbourhood once in a while, to check the mailbox, to drop off laundry at the laundromat, get some fruit rojak(still favourite so far).

But I didnt expect to see this on thestar online one day:-

They demolished the neighbourhood mamak! Operating without license or whatever reason the authorities use when they couldnt get enuf kopi lui. A bit sad bout tat. :-( That was the mamak that saw me through my growing up years. When i just came to KL, sharing a room with 3 other girls, starting college, experiencing city life, getting all giggly and ditzy when our then ok looking (the most handsome guy we've seen at tat time) hsemate spent 2 minutes talking to us on the way to the bathroom, starting new friendships, starting relationships, starting to go to Dome and Starbucks 4 times a week pretending to be cool, saying goodbyes to roommates and saying hello to new hsemates(loads and loads), passing exams, ending relationships, starting working life....sigh...really who can forget the famous flash floods that one fateful day caused Yshin's car to go for an overhaul or the time that (scuse my french) bitch told me my man was also apparently hers. Happy times, sad times. Good times, great times. Idle times, heart-breaking times, honest-to-goodness-awesome times. All those happen to me, in that crappy but oh so familiar neighbourhood.

So when my bro in law said my new hse is like heaven compared to my old one, I couldn't help being a little defensive towards that taman in cheras i've called home for 9 (9!) years!

Therefore, when i saw this pic, can you really blame me for feeling tat tiny bit of a tug in my heart??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

comfort food 1

Hmm...what does a hungry girl do on a cool weekday evening after work?
Well, she can :-
a) Call her suitor/boyfriend/'fly' to fetch her to ShangriLa for some LaFite;
b) Call her friends and head out to the nearest mamak;
c) Take a puff on a cigarette and try to cheat her stomach into thinking it can be full with just smoke;
d)Get a BigMac from McDonalds ala LiLo;
Tapao some piping hot Tomyam from the malay stall for some stomach-warming comfort food and slurping the hot soup sitting in front of telly!!

Ooh Yummyy...

But before that, do fry some telur dadar to go along with the meal and voila its complete!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

To all of you...

A Valentines dedication to all...


"You are not at all like my rose," he said. "As yet you are nothing. No one has tamed you, and you have tamed no one. You are like my fox when I first knew him. He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my friend, and now he is unique in all the world."

And the roses were very much embarrassed.

"You are beautiful, but you are empty," he went on. "One could not die for you. To be sure, an ordinary passerby would think that my rose looked just like you — the rose that belongs to me. But in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other roses: because it is she that I have watered; because it is she that I have put under the glass globe; because it is she that I have sheltered behind the screen; because it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars (except the two or three that we saved to become butterflies); because it is she that I have listened to, when she grumbled, or boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing. Because she is my rose."

- excerpt from Le Petit Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Always remember that you are loved, for you are someone's rose.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Geeshhhh, needless to say...I'm so ashamed of myself...coz I've let u down..for not posting for so long..and especially when I know you depend on my blog for providing a ray of light to your day/life. I apologize. Deeply, truly, madly (?).

I havent posted a single blog entry for the month of January! Now, if tat doesnt call for a punishment, I donno what will. (ok, perhaps never remembering your birthdays and relying on facebook to give reminders for coming birthdays and office blocking facebook and never receive reminders and thus, never wishes you happy birthdays is also quite bad). So I'm gonna punish myself by ......mmmm, not having the last of the cny pineapple tarts today...i'll wait till tomorrow..:-)

In the meantime, here are the reasons i've been so sidetracked lately...

As you know, i've been hanging out with some friends in Cameron Highlands...

Tried my hands in selling jagung by the roadside.."Cheap cheap jagung free lenglui!". The best marketing strategy that I could think of...but still no business though...wonder why really...hahah.

Getting my hair wind blown at the Boh tea plantation..til my mouth also senget..
Then, in January, I headed to Sandakan for Tommy and Kelly's wedding...
At a seafood restaurant, I sang : "He aint heavy, he's a lobster.."

Then at the Crocodile Farm,

Crocodile sings : "She aint heavy...she's...oh, who we kidding, she's bloody heavy!"

So yeah, that's a bit of my past activities lately...not to mention balik kampung for cny and also doing up my new abode.
Till the next post, which could be in 2020 when nobody raises half an eyebrow to see elected reps doing the grasshopper thingy, cheeriosss my lovely lovely friends and happy Valentines day....:-DD...