Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s time to say enough is enough

ChungYee's piece

I would consider myself to be a person who talks about politics only in coffee shops, forward some emails and complains endlessly about the injustices that we suffer and how we should strive to make Malaysia a better country to live in. Like many millions of Malaysians, I only talk the talk and not walk the walk. I have seen my friends being hauled by the authorities for participation in illegal assembly and lighting candles but they remained undeterred and as passionate as ever. They continued with their march and struggle with more determination than before while I sit behind my desk and continue to complain about the little imperfections in our lives.

I never did what they did because being charged in court and spending a night (or a few nights) in the lockup is not exactly what I have in mind as the price to pay for speaking up.

Incidents that have taken place lately started to alarm me. Is it because there are so many of us that choose to remain silent in order not to ‘stir the hornet’s nest’ we have become the reason why some are so bold as to openly threaten bloodshed before my very own backyard? Fortunately they do not represent every right thinking member of the Muslim community but unfortunately like all cancerous cells, it is dangerous that such scourge should go uncheck. The Sedition Act and the Penal Code isn’t the right vaccine.

These hooligans that lives amongst us do not tolerate nor practice any form of moderation whilst our Prime Minister talk incessantly about his 1Malaysia and took it one step further and said there must be acceptance. His slogan is mind boggling because the government and the party that he leads do not believe in it. In order for these political parties to survive, UMMO must be seen as the protector of Malay rights and MCA must be seen as the protector of Chinese rights and MIC must be seen as the protector of Indian rights. If the rakyat does not feel that they are oppressed because of their race, UMMO, MCA and MIC would not be relevant. Hence certain leaders are quick to provoke racial sentiment as it is their survival at stake.

I am not too bothered about politics until people like Hishamuddin comes out singing to the tune of the hooligans. I am not too bothered about politics until Teoh Beng Hock died mercilessly whilst in custody of MACC. I am not too bothered about politics until Khir Toyo talked about the cow as a stupid animal. I have as much right to speak as any Malaysian would, we demand to live in peace and we demand to live in an environment where our children do not grow up hating one another. We all deserve a better Malaysia! The final cry is this and it ought to be the loudest and the title says it all.

- Mr.Ng

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