Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puffing on Victoria's Secrets, anyone?

One incident tickled my funny bones to no end.

CY and i entered the lift in the Tropicana on our way to the cinema, to watch Battle: Los Angeles (which is the worst movie we've watched this and last year combined! Cy fell asleep and i was so bored!).

So anyway, this dude and his dude friend entered the lift also. Then suddenly this dude slapped his head and said "damn, forgot to bring my Victoria's Secrets!". *eyebrows raised, everyone in the lift, i'm sure*. Then his dude friend laughed and said, "you wear Victoria's Secrets???"

Then this dude got really embarrassed coz everyone in the lift was smiling, and then pointed at the ad in the lift which said "VICTORIAN CIGARETTES -electronic cigarettes, the best way to quit smoking"!! He forgot to bring his for a refill or something...

Tell me that's not funny! :-)))

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

yet again!

wow, has it really been that long since i last posted an entry? V day is more than a month away. And it was sucky by the way. haha.

It seems to me that i oni blog nowadays when i'm sad and when i'm happy, my thoughts are filled with shopping, travelling and eating, never blogging. SOLI!

well, today is no exception, i'm bogged down with work, tired from my trip to bangkok (ya, i went to bangkok for 4 days, but i'm an arse which cant be arsed to blog bout it hahah), post holiday blues, lonely and scared to go home, coz husband is outstation- sounds pretty bad, and therefore, am in the mood to blog. :-P

I wanna write bout how much my life sucks, but then it's old story, boring. So i'll write bout other stuff.


Errr.mmmm no idea what to write about.

Let me think hard again..............................


Well, since Bangkok is still fresh in my mind, think i'm gonna go ahead and dive in. Guess i'm not an arse, and i CAN be arsed to write bout it. *smirk*

I went with my high school friend Queen and my ex lami kakis from Sabah. 4 of us, just right for a cab. Supposed to be a shopping trip, but i didnt really buy much coz i think the things are not as cheap as 2 years ago, when i went with buddy. Or i've gotten stingy, very probable also. Anyway, i bot for myself, 2 bags, 3 pcs of clothing, 2 belts, 1 hat, 6 DVDs (watched 1 of it-Departures), 1 pair of earrings, 1 hairband. That's all. I bot also some other stuff for other ppl, and snacks for office. With makan (we were generous with makan) and cabs, hotels, massages, etc, i spent bout rm1.5k in total. Still sound pretty good eh.

The trip this time is quite enjoyable- i got to go to places which i missed out the last time, Ayutthaya and Chatuchak and ah hemm...Tiger show. :-DDD

Ayutthaya, as a temple city, pales in comparison with Siem Reap which is nothing but awe inspiring, but i finally got to see the Buddha statute head in the tree root, and my friends got to see the sleeping buddhas, etc. So that's fine.

Chatuchak was just wat i had imagined it would be- cramped, dark, and just oh so lively! The diversity of the wares there was just amazing. Largest market in the world, i wouldnt be surprised. But still, not as cheap as i had hoped, tee shirts with reasonable quality retail for around rm15-17 each, and that is considered 'wholesale' price ie if you buy 3 items and up. But then again, i'm a really bad bargainer, i will only normally ask once, the most twice, for discounts, and subsequent to whatever answer they give me, i'll just dig out the wallet, if i think i can pay that price. I mean, i really, really cannot be arsed to bargain for rm1-2. chicken and egg, come to think of it. If i dont bargain, i say their stuff not cheap. If i bargain, i feel bad for taking the rm1 or 2 away from the friendly salesperson. So there, don't go figure.

Oh talking bout friendly salespeople, i only met 1 (!!!) rude sales staff of all the places i went to, easily 100! Even ppl in chatuchak are friendly and polite, not at all Petaling Street-like. I went to SuanLum night market on the last trip and they were not very friendly so i expected the same from Chatuchak. Far from it! So dont go to SuanLum, which prices are more expensive. But i heard from a friend that Suan Lum has beeen/in the midst of being demolished. Not sure whether its true.

The only rude girl i met was in the Platinum Mall in Pratunam. Again, everyone say Platinum mall's so cheap, wholesale price, bla bla. Not true. The pants i got there for rm29, i can also probably get it from Sg wang for rm25. And the same, no trying. But i always have the mentality that i should buy things when i travel, if i can afford them, no matter that i can get them elsewhere cheaper. And again, rm4 gap is not that big anyway so..*shrug*

Tiger show...uh hummm sex show basically, with the usual acts that you've heard, cigarette smoking, darts throwing, drawing, etc. RM40 for an hour. It wasnt as disgusting as some ppl said, but then my tolerance of these type of things is rather commendable. hehehe. So now i can cross that outta my bucket list. Seeing the dude doing the 'helicopter' live in Bangkok - DONE THAT!! :-)

Okay, gotta stop here.

Leaving you now with a pic of me with the Cricket?/Grasshopper? which i later ate, thankkkyouuuveryyymuch..!