Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm back!!

First day back at work today after a long hiatus. A bit tired, and definitely not looking forward to the drive home at the end of every working day. Took me RM8.10 and 45 minutes to get to work tis morning, that is not counting the petrol yet, and mind you, it was clear traffic all the way.

we've also sold our condo, and keys were given to the new owner yesterday. Used to take me 6km and 15 mins to get to work from the condo, now is 40 km and countless tolls. Sigh..but nevermind, life is all about gives and takes...wallow wallow....

And the funny thing is, i'm supposed to attend to some work matters tomorrow at the place just round the corner from our condo. Wtf right. I could wake up at 9.30, sluggishly make my way to the place and still have extra time for the 10oclock appointment if i still stay at the condo, instead, now i have to wake up at 8.30, leave the house at 9 and drive for an hour to make it in time. Err..what do you mean i still have it good at 8.30?? I mean, just compared to if i still stay at the condo=hello..wake up at 9.30! :=P

Nvm that, i have to count my blessings that now i have a bigger house and a husband. hopefully i'll get used to the long drive too, although i do wish i have a bigger more comfortable car though.. (WOMEN!!!hehe)

Okay, enough bout the bitchings: here are some pics from the wedding day, taken from my make up artist's website. I was generally pleased with her work that day, compliments aplenty. :=) but i suppose every bride will look pretty with 3 inch makeup on her..heheh

Always known that my left profile is nicer than the left..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Off to the wedding!

Hi peeps, i've gone on leave and now head-aching over my wedding day preparations! Y'all have a nice week! :-))

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The day i became a Mrs.

November 19th, 2010. Woke up super early, like 7.00am. haha, ok, for some ppl, its not early, but my normal waking hour is at 8.30am ok. yup, even on working days. don jealous ok..

anyway anyway, we had our registration in putrajaya jpn, which is the headq of the national registry department.

i opted to have our registration held there coz i figured that since my wedding day and dinner reception will be somewhat traditionally chinese, i wanted to have a slightly 'modern' or 'different' feel to it, thats is why "teen hau kong" was out of the question, even though its easier to have it there. Since my IC shows my address in Negeri Sembilan, i had to go back to PD's JPN to place the 21 days notice there (rationale being the populate of my place of domicile would have knowledge of any prior customary marriage(s) i had to another person(s)- which is a sound rationale, coz who would know more if not the nosy neighbours right). And if there is no objection from any party, PD's JPN would then issue the no objection letter for me to bring it to Putrajaya JPN on the registration date. So - for me, 2 prior trips to PD JPN, for CY -1 prior trip to Putrajaya to place notice and book date coz his address is in Selangor.

Okay, anyway, here are the pics from the day i got legally hitched...

Why CY didnt smile...Thought he would've learned some modelling tricks from our pre-wedding photo sessions...

Okay, maybe not....hahahaa...

Okay..better in this....ooh, i looked slim(mer) in this new hair color looks mightly nice too...had it done in APT Bukit Tinggi Klang for RM240 with treatment.

CY thinks the pic is overexposed, but i like tat the flash made me look fairer..hehe..

Close up of my flowers

At 5 pm the day before my registration, I went to a Petaling Street florist/supplier, coz i saw some Gerbera Daisies in multiple colors there on a prior trip, but they were too busy to entertain my order! Got slightly kan chiong, but luckily my retired bridezilla bestie, Annie, had previously told me about another florist supplier located in Pudu- Pudu Ria Florists. And luckily they were willing to do it for me then and there. 10 gerbera daisies with forget me nots and rice flowers (florist aunty said its from Holland) costed me RM60. Some petals were not so nice and the arrangement was done by one of their male foreign workers (i'm not racist and i didnt mind he was the one doing it-except i've never seen a Bangla florist before, have you??) but it was oklar overall i think...

I wanted a Fucschia/Purplish shade of Gerbera to go along with my pink dress, and i saw the shade that i wanted in the florist's cold room (sounds like a morgue, but i dont know how to otherwise refer to it- the walk in fridge?? hehe) though everyone else told me afterwards that its maroon! Hmm..and like i mentioned in my earlier entry- Pearly said it looks like a half-cut watermelon from afar! does...

My parents and my sis...
Though my eyebags are shown in their full glory here, i still like this pic.

How demure i looked....I love this dress too, if i tell you the price, you'd be shocked!
One of Sg wang's find.

Ta-da.... waiting for someone to start singing "i the moon and the stars in the sky...i'll be there........and i swearr erer."..u get the picture..

Look at my cunning smile, as if thinking..Yes, i nabbed him finally!

Families and friends. Thanks all for coming..

Exchanging of rings.

My inlaws.

CY's inlaws.

More of CY's in laws..haha

Going for lunch.
Mum is relieved, phew, finally able to marry off the daughter..haha..I'm not Elizabeth Bennett and I havent gotten myself a Mr. Darcy *swoon* but a Mr. Ng instead *double swoon*, but moms everywhere are the same i supposed...

Mrs. and her watermelon. :-)