Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Child's Play

This is absolutely pathetic, but I don't care, coz at least i'm doing my best to cook sthing..anything, really, which resembles real food and most important of all, edible....
So I attempted to cook omelette recently and please, who would fail in making omelettes right? Well, so i started with the ingredients... I sliced and diced sausages and crab sticks. I use a lot of these 2 ingredients, mainly coz they keep for verrrrryyyy long time in the fridge and easy to cook. Overprocessed food that do not resemble their original look (ie chicken n crab in this case) are normally easily cooked. And eggs off course....

Then i boiled these 2 things to..well, a cooked state....

Then, ta-da, i put in the eggs (oh btw, i thought of making omelettes plainly coz the eggs which i gasak from leftover steamboat session have been sitting in the fridge for far too long) and there, ain't it looking pretty in the wok.

And well, tats all the pics, coz well, the omelette turned out looking fugly. I tried turning it but then i guess, it was too heavy coz the ingredients were more than the egg? and it just decided to 'scrambled' itself.

Now, don't say tsk-tsk to my cooking effort...coz who can say they can make fusion omelette and scrambled eggs?! U think is easy to stoop that low on a cooking level? U try it and let me know...


P.S-there's sthing wrong with the sequence of cooking here..Just realised i could do magic where sliced sausages and crabsticks can turned whole again! LOL.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicks Pics

Okay, just to show some hot girls in my blog to prevent the mass exodus of my blogders to ...say...dawnyeang's (typo intended) blog. Oh wait, maybe they already have. Haha..nvm, at least all the girls in my blog have not done any plastic surgeries of any kind..fake eyelashes and tonz of make ups mayb, but guaranteed nothing plasticky...but, after a few consultations with some guys, apparently they don't mind plastic surgeries done on girls, as long as they look HOT! Sigh, I should've known tat years ago when Pomelo ruled the TV land with running slow mo on Baywatch.

Anyway, these were taken during wedding dinner of frens in Equatorial Hotel sometime back.. I look so matronly compared with the other girls.

Yep, this aunty acting cute with the other young 'choy'...And the worst thing is at the ripe old age of 28, i'm only starting to have acne! Yes, adult acne. Damn sien..if i'm 18 its understandable la, not 28! Geesh, which reminds me i have to go and put on a mask now, beauty is a full time job apparently. Pomelo would agree with she even put masks on her 'twins'. ;-P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The wrath of the ji-muis

CY was a heng dai for one of his frens, and this is what he got from the ji-muis:-

Yep, they Veet-ted his leg! hahaha...

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Top 10

This list is a little outdated, wrote it bout 2 weeks ago, but here goes anyway:-

1) I'm super duper pauper broke this month. My new washer and car servicing and condo's maintenance charges had really done me in. The few birthdays and farewell gatherings definitely helped too. Helped towards my road to bankruptcy.
2) I thot this is really funny : I had a dream of CY having an affair with ...the thick lips herself! Ms. Angelina Jolie!! Bradcy is the new Bradpitt?
3) I found out I'm a better typist than the office clerk, whose job scope is 80% typing.
4) I'm so fat I imagine the scale to be an evil mental torture instrument. But then again, who loves their scales?
5) The shopaholic movie reminds me of my Bridezilla fren Annie.
6) There's a McDonald's hocus pocus going on! Don't get duped by it! When a deal sounds too good to be true, most times it probably is.
7) I'm gonna plant my size 6 feet on Indonesian soil for the very first time on Labour day. Wonder if i'll see Tobassie. Oh you know, Nessie from Lake Toba...
8) My favourites on this season's American Idol are Adam and Kris and Allison. Scott is too goody goody, Anoop is too puppy-eyed, Matt is too Michael Bubble-ish, Lil is too run of the mill, Danny is too kelian (he lost his granddad lately) and Megan is just, well...too gorgeous! Oozes sexual appeal, tat girl. Tonite at 9.45 i'll be glued to the idiot box like a true blue idiot that i allow myself to be. :-D
9) Credit cards late interest calculation has been revised since last year. If there's any amount outstanding, you don't get to enjoy the 21 days interest free period on new purchases! Take note of this, coz I was flabbergasted when I saw they charged me 12.98 for outstanding amount of 80!
10) I'm taking next Friday off, JUST to go sing karaoke with my sis. Jealous? Hahhahaa...Its ok, don be jealous, i'll make sure i sing your favourite karaoke session song too, email me your favs.. wahhahaha...