Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, June 30, 2008

Short Note 1.7.2008

Blogging from sis hse in PJ. Into my second day of doing absolutely nothing now. Which is absolutely boring, by the way. I woke up feeling absolutely dreadful. Not a gd feeling. Tat's y i've made my way to pj to bug my sis and also to catch up on wimbledon. federer and hewitt are playing right at this moment. But my sis doesnt allow me to use the computer and have the tv switched on at the same time, electricity is up! So i dont really know the score....

Anyway, my eye is fine now, thank god! Due to heatiness after all! So guys, pls remember to drink tonz n tonz of water yea... Weather is cuckoo nowadays...

Adios for now and more next time....:-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

FOod POst! BUmbu BaLi

Yea I titled it as a food post, but since this is my last day posting from this location, ie my office, I've gotta drop a short note on it. Yup, today's my last day here and I do feel rather sad that i'm leaving my colleagues behind. I've been here for bout 2 years and 3 months now. Except for 1 or 2 persons (bitch!) all my colleagues i've grown to love. Had my last lunch as an employee here just now, Batu 4 Jalan Ipoh, loh pan mee...yummy...

So my desk is now d cleanest and tidiest ever since i shifted into tis room. All my files are with the new lawyer now, and most of my personal things are in plastic bags waiting to depart. Its a strange feeling, really.

My departure is really good for my other colleagues actually. Coz my boss has been much nicer to everyone. And get this: he's gonna abolish the alternate half-day working Saturday! Wtf. Just when I'm leaving!--_--. And also he's planning a company trip to Bandung in August! He mentioned casually during the office meeting yesterday that i'm welcomed to join them if I want to then. But silly me forgot to ask whether I need to pay for my share or not. Tsk tsk. Stupid lawyer who doesnt know how to grasp opportunity! We'll just see if I have such good luck to land a free company trip with my ex company.... Tough, i knowwwww.....

Anyway, I'm nursing a huge flu right now. Just my luck, getting sick right before a happening weekend. Coz i'm popping over to Mont Kiara for the KL Bar Young Lawyers Charity NIte later today. And moro evening, the office has planned for a farewell karaoke session at the Pavillion Red Box. Woohoo..never sang there b4. Wonder if the sound system will make my singing bearable to listen to for once haha.

I'm gonna be on sabbatical for more than a week, and i dont know if I;ll have as much time to blog once i start on my new job. It'll be a totally new and unexplored area that i'll be taking on, so i reckon I'd have to work my ass off for a while before i can afford to take things to a level of bearable stress (slack off lar!) and write a blog or two.

But But, i;d definitely be taking my trusty (and maybe a bit rusty too, coz I did drop it into the bathtub while i was holidaying in Korea. Errr..wat's the camera doing near a bathtub? Not gonna tell..hahahaaha) camera to tonight's event. And also moro's k-session. I expect to take lots of pics of lengluis and leng chais, so wait for em ok??

Till then, these are a few pics from one dinner trip with my hokkie (short for my hokkien man..yes, man, not mien) in PUchonG.

Bumbu Bali. I didn't get the address, but feel free to ask me for directions. I had a few more pics of the food itself. But i keep having problems uploading I'll have to do without lar.

Most of the food is meat-based. Grilled and spicy. Coz it is supposedly food ala Bali style, of course.

Nice ambience and settings. Food portions and layout also not bad...I know I pics right...wait i go try again har....
AHhhhhh CHoooooooooooooooo!!!!! Flu bugs alert!.....

Anyway, there we go.. succesfully uploaded...

This is CY's coffee. He said its not bad lar.. He's the coffee connoisseur, so have to believe him lar..

The food looks good right. A bit oily and can be too much meat if you're not a big meat eater though. For us it was alright, the dips are good.



I just realised right underneath my right eye, there's a small bump....SObssssss....not another stye!!!! Penny said its due to heatiness, thus my flu and sorethroat...I sure hope so...not on my holiday pls!!! Just my luck bloodyyy hell!

Bye..goin off to mope now..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hazardous occupation...

Yes, the legal profession is a high-risk profession!

I'm risking my life everyday now...

Here's proof:

I must approve or I'd die!!

A tYpIcal Fly-day of MinE

In this post, I'm gonna chronicle bout a typical friday of mine..
8.00am. Woke up in the morning feeling absolutely fabulous..
8.05am.La la la la.....Singing while brushing my teeth..
8.30am. Started for near accidents this morning, my driving skills must be getting better dy. Gd mood= manageable road rage level..
9.00am. Reached office. Had Milo with corn biscuits..fab breakfast..hahaa.
10.00am. Did not yell at anybody coz its a friday.
11.30am. Was intercommed to the reception.
To receive this
V from CY!

LOVeeee my flowerssss! Happeeeeee.....:-D

1.00pm. Gloated to everyone in office and continued to do so during lunch.

5.00pm.Succeeded in making absolutely everyone in office jealous and green-eyed. Yay!

Penny whacking me! Kedudukan tergugat! Couldnt stand another person getting flowers instead of her.. Wahahahaa..

Help!!!!! Connie wanted to rampas my flowers!!

7.00pm. Managed to fight off crazed cols and left for dinner in KLCC....

8.30pm. Snug and comfy in Chilis.

Mannie and Molest...haha, sori..I mean Annie and Celest... Great dinner, girls..

11.00pm. Safely home! the words of Louis Armstrong (the singer, not the angkasawan).....

What a wonderful worlddd..............


PS. Ok, so its not really a typical Friday for me. But wouldn't it be great if it is!:-)

PPS. Note to husky...juniors say mookieee!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Kiasuism...

So sorry to post this on a Monday, compounding your MOnday blues...
But here goes anyhow....

Yes, tat 5th of June 2008 and its eve.

And since my car was running low on fuel too on the 4th, I had no choice but to pump petrol. I had received numerous sms tat day on the fuel increase and by 6, I could see from my office room window that cars were already starting to queue at the Shell station right opposite of my office complex.

And by 6.15, I had left the office and joined in the queue.

Beemer is gonna save on petrol too..


6.40, still queuing....

6.47, the Ugly Malaysians had reared their ugly heads once again. Cutting queues...a skill honed to perfection...

And..arr...finally at 6.57 I reached the station. This Jazz only pumped RM40 worth of petrol. I wonder if its worth it queuing for an hour to save a few ringgit.

I used to pump about 50 a week. Now its up to about 65 a week. With the 625 subsidy, I can (and hope fervently) that it'll cover the increase lar.

Hate to post this sad i'll stop now...blek....

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Found these pics when I was trying to look for some pics for Yuin for her to use on her wedding slides. Didnt find any for her use, but found these instead.
Yes, evidence to show that I was indeed chubby when I was young. And my stuffing my face silly with food is not the reason I look the way I am today. At least not entirely!

Me with Ling, my oldest oldest friend todate. Look at that protective arm around me.. Poor her, had to give in to my every whims and fancies (irritating whimpers and annoying schreeches, more like it) just coz she was a year older than me (still is!! hahahhahahahaah).

This was taken on the sidewalk outside the Standard Chartered Bank in Port Dickson. All Pd people shd know where its at.

Anyway, ppl told me there's a theory which said that cute kids grow up to be ugly and ugly kids grow up to be pretty.

WEll,I'm not gonna comment on tat.hahaha..coz I really do think I was a cute kid!

But do look at my keratan tebu legs above!! Don't u just wanna bite it?!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


During the school holidays, we had a short trip to Langkawi. Hehe, sounds like school children eh. Well, the last time i was in Langkawi was when i was in Form 4. Real school trip. I still remember that i had a crush on one of the Form 5 boys back then. I think he turned out to be a doctor, not sure though. Too bad I was so innocent and shy back then. Or i could've turned out to be mrs. doctor, manning the cash register at some private clinic/surgery (would be best if he's a plastic surgeon so i can have free 'structurings' done too! Pomelo, anyone??;-) and laughing my way to the bank. hahaa.

Buying ferry tickets at Kuala kedah.

Jam packed with ppl!

This is Langkawi Boutique Hotel where we stayed.

PAS Youth Convention in progress!! No pork served at breakfast then i reckon?...

Pantai Cenang

RM90 for a ride up.

Cable car...highlight of the trip! Really really cool...

That's JunHao, TaiYong and YeeShyun with me n CY.

Not for the fainthearted.

But I'm scared of heights too, and I was ok throughout, so it cant be tat bad.

View from the top. Can you see my yacht parked down there?

Very cool. One thing that Tourism Malaysia has done right.


Had a short n sweet trip. Good food, good ambience, good company. I'm content really, dont even need Doctor and Pomelos anymore.haha..

Must return to Langkawi soon. Anyone interested to go?? Carlsberg is RM1.70 a can if I may remind you.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Twin Sister!

Spotted!! My long lost twin sister!

And she's working either:-

1) In British American Tobacco; or

2) as a model.

Both of which I'm jealous of.
Here's proof.
Of her existence. Not of my jealousy.

1 girl and 4 guys...not bad, sista!

And she's also bright, talented and actualised!!!
But what does actualised mean???
See, even her vocabulary is better than talented!

My real sista, PeiLi, was the one who noticed the similarities and showed me the newspaper with the Post-It.

What do you think? Should I track her down and steal her life??

Monday, June 16, 2008

Adult JOke!

Warning to adults who detest adult jokes....

Errr..then wat are u doing reading my blog in the first place???

LITTLE GIRL: Mommy, I just found out that our neighbor's son has a penis like a peanut!!

MUM: You mean it's small?

LITTLE GIRL: No it's salty!!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shangrila Company Buffet

***This post is dedicated to my fren SirhC. Enjoy, mate...***

Boss treated us to Shangri-la's Lemon Garden Buffet sometime last month. Food was not bad. But i hated that we couldnt order drinks (or not encouraged to by 'management'). At least Lemon Garden should provide free flow for soft drinks as well ala Redbox n Neway. How much is cola compared to tiger prawns right...

This is Siti and her son, who poked my ermmm...chest....

Aishah and Mey

Forgot whose food selection this was dy..

Pro photography...shielding us from the flash...

Penny said yummyyyy... Mind you, she ate more than me ok...

THis was my selection..

Scallops, salmon and esophagus......err.. i mean, asparagus...:-)

Joe, Shahril, Syu and Pen

Mey and Con

Con and the boss's wife

I was the one that i cropped out from this pic. Coz the difrence in beauty was too big..hahaha...Kiasu...This is Aishah's or not..

Sir, I'm a gd fren, am i not??!

Last but not least, Lengkee helping me to pinpoint the pretty girl behind him. She was bald yet had really striking features.. Too bad i wasnt able to get her full frontal (!!) pic..Boohooo, i've failed you, my blog readers.....:-( Except for u SIrhc, u owe me..hahaa..

Friday, June 13, 2008

KOrean HOttieess

After a few posts on hot girls, finally, a post to reward my girl frens for reading my blog...a feast for your eyes, girls!! Caution, hot pics of hot guys!!

Actually just 2 hot guys...we go for quality, not quantity right?....

Okay, first up....

This guy acted in the drama Coffee Prince, i dont recall his name and i'm too lazy to go I'll just call him Prince lar...sharing the name with the purple-rained, moustached and sexy diminutive singer..

Except this Prince is not diminutive at least 6'3" in my humble yet trained in spotting tall hot guys eyes. I think he's mighty cute, yet seemed like not many ppl share my sentiments about him. CY, my sister, etc have said tat he's not handsome. Hmmm?

But I mean, don't compare him to the next guy i'm introducing here lar....





Daniel Henney

Hahaaahahaa. See, really handsome guys get their names remembered one....:-D

Whoa, not just bedroom eyes...if he wants it, he can have it in the kitchen, the toilet sink, the dog cage, etc

Whoaaaaaa, I love this pic the most..coz i'm a huge sucker for guys in glasses. Nerdy, seriously sexy or sexily serious, and can lure me away from any library/computer lab/walking down the aisle..hahahahaa

Okay, guy readers, you've had your Jessica Alba n Megan Fox. This is the girls' turn to drool.

Look at that bod. Look at those veins in his arm....Try to imagine tat arm around you, protecting you, holding you, caressing you....and ermm, i'll leave the rest to your own level of perverted imagination ok...;-P


Short note: Just to let you ppl know that I am indeed obsessed with blogging nowadays. I find great joy in finding new materials to share with you and of course, in having you spending a few minutes to read my blog. Time-wise, my boss is on holiday for 2 weeks and I've passed some of my files to the new lawyer since I am leaving this firm end of this month. "Nuff said. I'm trying to blog as much as I could now, at least one post a day coz I know my new job would not permit me to blog as much as I would like anymore. Perhaps its good for you guys too, coz then I wouldnt force you to read my blog anymore..hahahaaaa. Till the end of my obsessive blogging days...More to come!