Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aaron Kwok sings...Tell me why...

Suffering from another bout of 'envyism' now. How come some ppl get to have it all. Ok, case study in point:-

A pretty lady with a hot hot body. Played sports in school, thus the hot body. Represented school for multi-level competitions. Won medals. Hung out with bunch of hot friends. Happening. Plays the piano, gd enuf for the stage performance kind. Got fantastic grades. Did some high tech science subject at a gd university. Met a guy. Had a kid. (I have no idea on d marriage part). Still graduated with good grades, if not top of the class. Has a gd job with a multinational company jetsetting here n there and with tonz of money too i'm sure. Kid is super handsome and cute, and i'm sure gives her loads of happiness and pride too. In a stable relationship with a gd looking guy. The girl, not the kid. Posts tonz of pictures of her, her hot bod and her hot-bodded friends on facebook and the likes. Everybody drools.

Moving on, case study no.2:

Cute child with a weakness for chocolate. Not sporty, even had severe cramps while doing PE one time in school resulted in calling her dad to pick her up and sending her to clinic, subsequently of which the doctor could find nothing wrong with her, except maybe having too much chocolate. Nottie child, drives mother, sister and rest of the family up the wall all the time. Always ran away from home. But could always be found at either pei's, ling's or yuin's house. Pathetic really. Got normal grades. Didnt represent school at even the lowest level. Watched tv all the time, (d X-files episode during PMR exam week was the one with the snake eyed lady). Stupidly bought Aaron Kwok's and Jimmy Lin's albums thinking they were gods. Wreaked havoc in PD town. Ponteng classes to play pool and got only ok grades in uni. Dated some guys which amounted to not much. Posts pictures of herself acting cute on facebook. Everybody pukes.

Need I say more??


Kei said...

but she dunno me mah!!!

louise_see said...

woahahaha..soo damn funny..!!

do i know d 1st lady..?? fr ur description, i think i know it e.tan _ _ ??

gosh, we've been frens 4 more than 2 decades, i din know tat u got weakness 4 chocolate..??

i remembered last time how we used to fancy aaron kwok like siao..??
now think bac, tat time we realy siao silly, bukannya handsome sangat..sigh..:P

Denise said...

kei: :-D

louise: aiya, all are from my imagination lar...hehe..lest she sees that and sues me..

well chocolates is ok lar, i like dark ones k..

u wan my aaron kwok;s casettes or not??lol.

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