Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm back!!

First day back at work today after a long hiatus. A bit tired, and definitely not looking forward to the drive home at the end of every working day. Took me RM8.10 and 45 minutes to get to work tis morning, that is not counting the petrol yet, and mind you, it was clear traffic all the way.

we've also sold our condo, and keys were given to the new owner yesterday. Used to take me 6km and 15 mins to get to work from the condo, now is 40 km and countless tolls. Sigh..but nevermind, life is all about gives and takes...wallow wallow....

And the funny thing is, i'm supposed to attend to some work matters tomorrow at the place just round the corner from our condo. Wtf right. I could wake up at 9.30, sluggishly make my way to the place and still have extra time for the 10oclock appointment if i still stay at the condo, instead, now i have to wake up at 8.30, leave the house at 9 and drive for an hour to make it in time. Err..what do you mean i still have it good at 8.30?? I mean, just compared to if i still stay at the condo=hello..wake up at 9.30! :=P

Nvm that, i have to count my blessings that now i have a bigger house and a husband. hopefully i'll get used to the long drive too, although i do wish i have a bigger more comfortable car though.. (WOMEN!!!hehe)

Okay, enough bout the bitchings: here are some pics from the wedding day, taken from my make up artist's website. I was generally pleased with her work that day, compliments aplenty. :=) but i suppose every bride will look pretty with 3 inch makeup on her..heheh

Always known that my left profile is nicer than the left..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Off to the wedding!

Hi peeps, i've gone on leave and now head-aching over my wedding day preparations! Y'all have a nice week! :-))

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The day i became a Mrs.

November 19th, 2010. Woke up super early, like 7.00am. haha, ok, for some ppl, its not early, but my normal waking hour is at 8.30am ok. yup, even on working days. don jealous ok..

anyway anyway, we had our registration in putrajaya jpn, which is the headq of the national registry department.

i opted to have our registration held there coz i figured that since my wedding day and dinner reception will be somewhat traditionally chinese, i wanted to have a slightly 'modern' or 'different' feel to it, thats is why "teen hau kong" was out of the question, even though its easier to have it there. Since my IC shows my address in Negeri Sembilan, i had to go back to PD's JPN to place the 21 days notice there (rationale being the populate of my place of domicile would have knowledge of any prior customary marriage(s) i had to another person(s)- which is a sound rationale, coz who would know more if not the nosy neighbours right). And if there is no objection from any party, PD's JPN would then issue the no objection letter for me to bring it to Putrajaya JPN on the registration date. So - for me, 2 prior trips to PD JPN, for CY -1 prior trip to Putrajaya to place notice and book date coz his address is in Selangor.

Okay, anyway, here are the pics from the day i got legally hitched...

Why CY didnt smile...Thought he would've learned some modelling tricks from our pre-wedding photo sessions...

Okay, maybe not....hahahaa...

Okay..better in this....ooh, i looked slim(mer) in this new hair color looks mightly nice too...had it done in APT Bukit Tinggi Klang for RM240 with treatment.

CY thinks the pic is overexposed, but i like tat the flash made me look fairer..hehe..

Close up of my flowers

At 5 pm the day before my registration, I went to a Petaling Street florist/supplier, coz i saw some Gerbera Daisies in multiple colors there on a prior trip, but they were too busy to entertain my order! Got slightly kan chiong, but luckily my retired bridezilla bestie, Annie, had previously told me about another florist supplier located in Pudu- Pudu Ria Florists. And luckily they were willing to do it for me then and there. 10 gerbera daisies with forget me nots and rice flowers (florist aunty said its from Holland) costed me RM60. Some petals were not so nice and the arrangement was done by one of their male foreign workers (i'm not racist and i didnt mind he was the one doing it-except i've never seen a Bangla florist before, have you??) but it was oklar overall i think...

I wanted a Fucschia/Purplish shade of Gerbera to go along with my pink dress, and i saw the shade that i wanted in the florist's cold room (sounds like a morgue, but i dont know how to otherwise refer to it- the walk in fridge?? hehe) though everyone else told me afterwards that its maroon! Hmm..and like i mentioned in my earlier entry- Pearly said it looks like a half-cut watermelon from afar! does...

My parents and my sis...
Though my eyebags are shown in their full glory here, i still like this pic.

How demure i looked....I love this dress too, if i tell you the price, you'd be shocked!
One of Sg wang's find.

Ta-da.... waiting for someone to start singing "i the moon and the stars in the sky...i'll be there........and i swearr erer."..u get the picture..

Look at my cunning smile, as if thinking..Yes, i nabbed him finally!

Families and friends. Thanks all for coming..

Exchanging of rings.

My inlaws.

CY's inlaws.

More of CY's in laws..haha

Going for lunch.
Mum is relieved, phew, finally able to marry off the daughter..haha..I'm not Elizabeth Bennett and I havent gotten myself a Mr. Darcy *swoon* but a Mr. Ng instead *double swoon*, but moms everywhere are the same i supposed...

Mrs. and her watermelon. :-)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dotted line

I signed it...

Pearly said my flowers look like a half cut watermelon from far... LOL!


Overheard my chinese colleague telling my Malay colleague :-

Will you be making Nasi handbag??

Or or the nasi with the Bulu???


Get it??? She meant Nasi Impit and Lemang (which is cooked in the buluh!)..Oh myyyyyy....muahahahhaa..

Hakka Pun Choi

Last week my mum called for a Pun Choi gathering. What's Pun Choi? Here's a description from our dear friend, Wiki-san:-

"Poon Choi (pronounced: Phùn-tshoi), also known as pun choi or Big Bowl Feast, is a traditional type of dish originated from Hong Kong villages cousine. It may also be found in different parts of Hong Kong. It is served in wooden, porcelain or metal basin."

But i think Wiki got it wrong, its actually a Hakka Dish. China's Hakka. Not the hakka with the dancing. :-) Though i think i'm an ok dancer...

As you can see, ours was in a metal basin on top of a very modern burner.
Recommended numbers of ppl was 10-12 to tuck in the standard sized Pun Choi. Our table sat 10 ppl, 5 men and 5 women, very equal numbers. And the set included the above Pun Choi, a vege dish and fruits for dessert. Everyone called for rice too, which nobody managed to finish, last i checked.
Wiki-san also said :-

Poon Choi includes ingredients such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, abalone, ginseng, shark fin, fish maw, prawn, crab, dried mushroom, fishballs, squid, dried eel, dried shrimp, pigskin, beancurd and Chinese radish.
Poon Choi is special in that it is composed of many layers of different ingredients. It is also eaten layer by layer instead of "stirring everything up", but impatient diners may snatch up the juicy radish at the bottom first using shared chopsticks.

Well, ours was the 'cheaper' version Pun Choi (there were only 2 variants) which didnt include abalone, ginseng, sharksfin, crabs, the expensive stuff.

Here's with the top layer gone, the gravy was amazing, great for 'lou' with rice. The color looks slightly funny here, but what was left was mainly pork and some chicken. Have i already said great gravy?! heh..

By that time, everyone was pretty much pooped. yup, 5 strong men and 5 strong women couldn't finish that. Though the next table's skinny teenagers were able to. hahah..

So we did what prudent Cina ppl would, Ta pao larr...Quite heavy too that takeaway bag..

My mum said the next day, my mum, my bro in law and my sis cooked the leftovers with some noodle and still was tasty.

Groovy Gravyyyy....

Total sum paid= RM270.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Very very random post and pics...

Believe it or not, my Registration of Marriage ceremony is coming up next week...Honestly, i'm having a hard time believing that the day has finally come....Cold feet, definitely.

Nevermind, i got these flowers pics from the internet, thinking of getting something like these for the ROM.
And gerberas...daisies are the friendliest flowers... love the cheerful disposition, a bit like me, only i'm also sarcastic. If i'm to associate myself with a flower/plant, it would be a cross between gerbera and cactus...Lovely but thorny...Friendly until prickly....heheheh..

And since i'm also currently renovating the house, i googled some pics of kitchen tops. My preference is something like this....

Cy and me are both quite cincai when it comes to renovation, but our tastes are quite different, so the usual comment heard during lighting/tiles/furniture shopping will be "That one???Fugly!". So our decided furnitures at the end of the day will most likely be items that we both compromised on and not mutually loved. haha..

Halloween just passed, saw this pic of HeidiKlum with Seal, amazinggg halloween costumes...

And lastly, this Gucci bag that i saw in Kl's gucci stores...Some say nice some say aunty..anyway, i'm not getting it, i havent the standard to carry a 5k bag yet hehe. Though Yin is back from her honeymoon in Western Europe and her hubby got her a RM10k Chanel! Talk about a loving and caring husband...LOL. Yeah, call us materialistic. But hey, since a hubby will make the wife happy by getting something she loves for her, i dont see any wrong with that..I really dont. And no, this is not a devious ploy to get Cy to get that gucci bag for me... i'm gunning for a new phone instead...:-DD

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rabbit lady!

The popular blogs are always inundated with photos of the bloggers camwhoring with themselves, themselves and themselves.

So a very wuliao me decided to try out camwhoring....I know i'm not cut from the same mould as the pretty bloggers, but hey, i'm already 30, if not camwhore now, when else rite?? When i'm 70? Twilight (years) will only be nice if Taylor Lautner's in it.

so here goes...

Me at home trying out different camwhore poses..

Just got back from the gym, so damp hair, bare face and a lot of wuliao ness...I was wearing a RM10 tee i got from Sg Wang.. Yup, on top of the wuliaoness, i have also tons of lianness....

And wearing my rabbit headband..

My fren pearly laughed when i showed her tis i'm really selfless in a way..cheering up your day by letting you laugh AT me!

Saint Crazy-Rabbit-Lady...:-DDDDDDD

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bridal diet recipe No. 3 might think that my bridal diet recipes BIG time...but hey, i've lost something like 4kgs to date since June, so don't look down on my original bridal recipes okayyyyy..

Today's creation is Beehoon (Vermicelli) in TomYum with Egg and Sausage (i swear i only eat 1 sausage a week, even though they appear in allllll of my recipes. ok, maybe 2, definitely not more than 2)
The cooking preps and ingredients are soooo easy i can be even lazier and save me (and you) of typing (and reading) of the steps - just dump everything in and bring to a boil. Full stop.

The sausage was already half eaten when i remembered to share this great recipe with my blog readers, therefore the reason that the beloved sausage looks like a finger in one of CSI's episode.
Wait, on second look, there is also a resemblance to a pe............ nvm.....wouldn't want you all to get even more turned off...

After that great meal, please, do keep your sanity and indulge in a Ferrero or two...or 3, if you happen to have 3 like me...But warning: if you do, you will have to repeat bridal diet recipe No. 3 the next day...sans order for the diet to work...

Good luck all...and may the sausage be with you...

Friday, October 22, 2010


My fren Pearly asked me to check out a swarovski necklace and ring combo for her, so i went to pavilion, where they have a standalone boutique and another in parkson..

The salesgirl not only let me tried them on, but took a pic for me nice!

The designs were divine and affordable to boot! The necklace retails for 445 and ring for 430. Gold plated with their white crystals..googoo gaa gaa nice!...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm all alone...

CY has gone to Bangkok for his fren's wedding and also his own bachelor party, and i'm stuck in hot n stuffy KL all by myself...all alone...single...with myself and only myself...hahaa, such a drama queen..

I want a bachelorette party too!! But none of my girl friends are up for clubbing and dancing anymore, they're stuck to their partners tighter than UHU glue. Buddy already has plans for the weekend, so i'm all but left alone..shucks...

I was supposed to go 'ba guan' with my col, but uh got cancelled...due to foreskin circumcision...i mean, unforeseen circumstances...darn....

Literal translation of 'ba guan' is pull the cup, also called 'cupping' ! this is what i'm talking about...

And the after effect is something like....

Looks quite ewwy and geli i know...but its traditional chinese treatment to expel excess 'wind' and to detoxify. Its been around since time must be good col janice went once and she said it felt soooo good afterwards even though it was also really painful when they pull out the cups.

For 1st timer they charge rm40, and subsequent treatment is 110-140 each time. My facial girl is also a regular, and she said its really addictive, if you stop going, your body will feel funny.. but for rm40, i'm game...

Anyway, no cupping this weekend..what else to do????

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lately i noticed something funny, like, whenever i hear about a 'topic' which very seldom crops up, the same thing will be mentioned twice in the same day, by different people, in different discussions.

Example 1

During lunch with my cols, one of the 'mothers' said that her baby was sick the other day and she had to bring her baby to the clinic. Then the discussion shifted to immune shots given to mothers and babies, like rubella, rotavirus, etc....

Then the very same evening, my fren told me that his wife and him were having diarrhea and had to go to the hospital in the middle of the nite. Prior to that, they had already gone to 3 clinics before the correct diagnosis was given. They contracted Rotavirus....

Example 2

I was telling Annie thru IM that i wanna get a new eye cream, coz GongLi (aka Loreal Revitalift) made my eyes super puffy. And annie said that she's using Origins, coz its all natural and without parabens. So i asked, wats with parabens. Caused cancer in the long run.....okkkk...

That very same evening, i met my Kinokuniyan best fren Yili together with her gym fren in Pavilion for dinner. And this gym fren had just bought some toiletries from Caring and was telling me that she's obsessed with toothpaste and will try any new brands, and this new toothpaste that she bought is ...ta da...without parabens....

There...freaky aint it.

Okay, digressing slightly: One of the chain pharmacies in the country which is also green in color and rhymes with parkson is making a lot of boo-boos in pricing, so shop there often..i bought the biggest sized listerine (with free 250ml!) for 14.80! Normal price 17.90-19.90, promo price is usually 33.90 for 2 bottles. This happened at the jusco maluri branch. And lady-item that i buy which is normally 7.90 was 3.88! I stopped the cashier and made a dash to grab another. This happened at the pd branch. sooo..i'm convinced there's a nationwide system crash/server bug/staffing problem ...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swifft, coz i hated her performance in Valentine's Day, and also coz I'm on team Jacob!!

But Ms Swift is looking yummy these days! Check these pics out.....

Love the red beanie, and everything else....Ppl always dress better when they're in Europe..

Another of my faves...Ms Lively, yummy as usual..And check out those gams! wahlau...

And someone (surprisingly :-P) is looking great too these days...

Ms. Ozzie

Ms. Knightley is looking good too, with her newly cropped bob.
I didnt like her in Love actually and also bend it like beckham. Didnt really understood her allure, until i watched atonement. she really does have a magnetic presence on screen.
And last but not least, a dude...
Yes, rapper Common, for some reason i find him hot! hahahahah....

Pics all courtesy of Yahooentertainment.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Preps

The wedding's slightly more than 2 months away now, and feels like there is sooo much thats not done. Yet, to name whats not done also i cant really put my chubby finger on it. Hmm...

But let's try though :-

1) House, renovating...contractor's ETC (expected time of completion) is mid Nov, our buffer is till end Nov. Furniture's half chosen. Paint colors still deciding...

2) Wedding Album... will be ready end of Oct. [for an update: rmb my fellow bridezilla? We went to her wedding last Saturday, and lo and behold (more like behear(d)), she had the same song that we had chosen to be put into the wedding photos' DVD! Swear i didnt know, and the song was chosen by CY..Placed an emergency call to the bridal house immediately after the wedding and luckily they're willing to change the song..phew..wouldn't want to have another episode, do we..haha]

3) Wedding gowns...booked a date end of the month to choose, another predicament, its on a weekday and my sis won't be around to help me choose, nor my close friends. I told CY that worst case scenario, he would have to go with me. Please lord, let me find a girl fren to go with!

4) Invitation cards...still pending the inserts from our restaurants before I can get the cards ready to be sent out. ETP - estimated time (for) posting is on the 1st of Nov. Having said that, i'm surprised that some of my so called friends have been giving me the runaround, evading to confirm whether they will come to wedding or not. And these are mainly men, thot men are supposed to be more decisive right? Yes or No or i'll let you know ASAP (to check whether my cousin's wedding/company dinner/father's 'bai dai sau' will be on the same date), not scurrying to 'Away' status whenever see me on messenger. Although baffled, its also funny seeing these ppl's reaction too..What can i say, some ppl are just not man enough...hehe yes i'm mean, but at least i've got more balls than them! :-PPPP

5) Still haven't gotten to wedding shoes, favors for jimuis, maybe favors for guests, pyjamas, food tasting, guests sitting, ...eeekkkk....think i need to go lie down (with my balls)......

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honeymoon Destination

For some lucky the gorgeous Cinque Terre in dreamy Italy!!

For the longest time i've wanted to visit this place which we didnt manage to visit when Adriane, buddy and i were on our European backpacking trip way back in 2005. Well, we were surviving on bread and youth hostels then, and this place is perhaps more suited for those with time and money and of coz, the honeymooners..

Check these pics out!!

Dreamy or wat??!!
I am still very keen to go, of course, if given the opportunity, but as time passed, i feel that there are other places i am more keen to visit, top of the list would be to visit my dearest and longest known friends, Adeline in LA and Ling in NY, both in the US of A. The distance and time required to travel there would need some serious logistics consideration, i suppose. Gimme some time guys, the renovation for the house and the upcoming wedding have taken up most of our Agungs (check your Ringgits) so the Rodeo Drive and the Statue of Liberty have gotta wait...
For honeymoon, we would really love to go to Mordor..(my precious!) ..uh humm, New Zealand. The landscape is just so breathtaking on its own, no fancy hotels, no infinity pools, no decorated sheeps needed. A good hike in the open space is just all that's needed for my man and mine's quality time. Hmmm......lovely....
So, where would be your No. 1 honeymoon destination?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

officially in the 30s

yup, title (of this blog) changed, numbers (2 to 3) changed, wrinkles (everywhere) emerging, let the aging process begin! Or, worse, as one of my friends commented on my fb wall, its the rotting process instead!! :-(

Haha, anyway, had a nice birthday celebration yesterday. Thanks to all who so nicely wished me happy birthday (and not rotting :-P)!

My colleagues bot me a lovely cake during lunch, which i didnt manage to take a pic of coz my camera was low on batt... but here's (part of) us having lunch in Japin, Sungei Wang..

And my dear fiance ordered a bouquet of roses to be sent to my office too!! Thankss babee! :-DD