Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honeymoon Destination

For some lucky the gorgeous Cinque Terre in dreamy Italy!!

For the longest time i've wanted to visit this place which we didnt manage to visit when Adriane, buddy and i were on our European backpacking trip way back in 2005. Well, we were surviving on bread and youth hostels then, and this place is perhaps more suited for those with time and money and of coz, the honeymooners..

Check these pics out!!

Dreamy or wat??!!
I am still very keen to go, of course, if given the opportunity, but as time passed, i feel that there are other places i am more keen to visit, top of the list would be to visit my dearest and longest known friends, Adeline in LA and Ling in NY, both in the US of A. The distance and time required to travel there would need some serious logistics consideration, i suppose. Gimme some time guys, the renovation for the house and the upcoming wedding have taken up most of our Agungs (check your Ringgits) so the Rodeo Drive and the Statue of Liberty have gotta wait...
For honeymoon, we would really love to go to Mordor..(my precious!) ..uh humm, New Zealand. The landscape is just so breathtaking on its own, no fancy hotels, no infinity pools, no decorated sheeps needed. A good hike in the open space is just all that's needed for my man and mine's quality time. Hmmm......lovely....
So, where would be your No. 1 honeymoon destination?

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