Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, August 29, 2008

In View of Merdeka!

New insertion for 2009 Oxford Dictionary
There are possible plans underway to apply to the Oxford and Webster to include a new word for their 2009 dictionary..
badawi [baa-daa-wee]
(Transitive verb/Noun/Adjective): To start something full of promise but end in disappointment, failure and/or disaster.
Eg: 'I'm trusting you to perform this task well; don't do a badawi, ok?
'Whatever I do, I will always find a way to badawise it.'
France badawied their Euro 2008 campaign. England pre-badawied theirs, while Italy were guilty of over-badawification.
I'm really busy with work this this is the most i can do...Enjoy the long weekend!!:-))

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

While I was AwaY

Ms. Avril's concert is on again, Mr. Backside won the by-election, Fuel Price went down by 15 cents.

And I've gotten very tanned.......

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It has come to my attention that Avril Lavigne's concert in Kl had been cancelled. Bcoz some idiots made some idiotic protest to the mayor to revoke the permit. Reason: little miss avril will be the devil who corrupts our youths and turn them into little monsters. Well, well, as if they aren't already.

Please lar...seriously...i can't believe how ignorant some ppl can be. And i read that from Yahoo News. Really good to know that we are now world the frigid country who bans artistes.. as good as having the world record for biggest ketupat or tallest roti canai tower....Or having a space tourist parading as an 'angkasawan', inspiring youngsters everywhere...sheesshh...beh tahan..If they really care so much for the rakyat, do some actual work helping the poor, etc...but no, they just have to keep making a fool of themselves. C'mon, Avril makes millions okay, without having a concert stop in KL she really doesnt give a fark. Its us, as a country, moving backwards tats at the losing end...

She's saying: you can shove your Ketupats into your fat arses...

Devil/Morals destroyer? Me? Luckily i don even like your girlfrens....

Ps. Honestly, i'm not even an Avril fan...seriously...

(singing quietly:heyheyyouyou..)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Short nOte 19.8.2008

My fren S offered to 'gao dim' my annoying hsemate. 'Settle' her, so to speak. S, she really not hot lar, although i have to admit she's got some serious jugs going on. S replied saying that he's thirsty....kekekkekeke.....Men...

And a side story, S just bought over a furnished condo from his ex recently. Then S found her lacy underwear underneath the couch. S said it turned him on so much and he never really recalled her attractiveness until he found the undies...Wahhaa...Don't you just love men and their primal instincts stimes??..:-PP

Sunday, August 17, 2008


These pics were taken more than a while back on a Sunday when me n sis had some strange miraculous motivation to wash our cars together.

Here's her lil White waiting for a shower while my Big White waits for her turn.

Even doggies have gathering on Sunday..

Aww..bye bye..

Then sis pottering around in her mini garden.

While bro in law Philip landed in the longkang..hehe...

Reflection off my Big White- see how nice my P sticker looks!

And see how cute my Qoo looks!

Gorgeous girl!

But sad to report that after that one time, we've never washed our cars ourselves again liao. And right now my Big White looks really sad, lost its sting, and scratches everywhere...haiz...tough life for an innocent naive pure (coz white mah!) car in the big scary city....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the name of the King

Yes, In the Name of the King (Queen if u're CY.hehee). CY's favourite movie of all time. Hehehhehee...Just kidding, its rather bad, actually. Watch it only if you need something to numb your brains..Or take it as a comedy...

Actually I want to talk about names...From what I could tell from my frens' Babies names recently, "J" is in the in. For boys, its Jared and Jaden. For girls, its Jamie. And not to mention Jay (as in Chou) and Jolene (as in Tsai). And i personally like Jansen (as in Button) and Jonathan and Jordan (as in New/Old Kids On the Block). More J Babies will come soon, mark my words!

Then again, there's "S". I wanna talk about Sherwyn. Picture little Sherwyn, with her ponytails and pink dress going to ballet class. Cute little girl....


Apparently Sherwyn is always covered in dirt playing football in the field and loves playing police and robber in 'his' spare time...Yes, Sherwyn is a dude!!. Make no mistake bout it. Coz I did, when i asked this uncle how old his granddaughter Sherwyn is, not having met her before. Then he looked at me like i'm an idiot and said Sherwyn is his grandson!

Errrmmm....u decide, granddaughter or grandson???

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I had the most godawful day yesterday. All becoz of my apartment. As you all know I'm the chief tenant in my apt and right now i have 3 housemates, a married couple in the master room which are seldom home and have their own bathroom so they're basically out of my way.

Then there's the girl in the small room who just moved in 2 months back and had been driving me up the wall since. For one, we share the same bathroom and I can never get why ppl spend half an hour showering. Fair enough if there's a water heater or a tub to soak in..heck, if i have a tub in the bathroom i'd be soaking in it for hours till i turn into real a prune (prune juice anyone?? lol). But no, my bathroom is the barest of bare bathrooms around. Only a sink, a showerhead and a toiletbowl. Not even a mirror ok. Yet she spends half hour in there 2 times a day. That's one hour a day! 1/24th of a day! But even the way she goes to the bathroom bugs me. She'd unlock n unlatch her room door, comes out, goes to the bathroom, latch the bathroom door, spends 5 seconds in there, then unlatch the bathroom door, runs to her room, locks and latches door, spends 5 seconds in there, then unlocks and unlatches door, goes to the bathroom again, latches door, spends half hour in there with the sound of the tap on and off so many times i cant keep track, then unlatches door, runs halfway to room, turns back remembering to off the light, then runs back to the room, locks n latches door, 5 seconds, then remembering sthing she left in the bathroom, unlocks n unlatches door, runs to bathroom, takes her stuff, runs (i say run coz she has the noisiest footsteps sound) to room, locks, unlatches, and so it goes....MAJOR MAJOR HEADACHE, I'M TELLING YOU....

I'm gonna stop talking bout her now, coz headache will surely set in if i continue...

But yesterday wasnt about her...

But in a way it was about her, indirectly (coz i have no prove), but things in my hse have started to spoil one by one after she's moved in, so i'm blaming her...

Anyway, for a few days now the toilet has been overflowing. I called the plumber once but he said the blockage is in the pipes one floor down. And at tat time the residents of the apt one floor down of mine were not around, so i couldnt do anything. But the situation was still ok, the water did not flow out of the toilet bowl and we still could flush 9 times out of 10.

But yesterday.....

The couple's husband called me saying the lock of the main entrance is spoiled. So i got home and found the key of the wife still stuck in the lock rendering the whole thing spoiled and had to be replaced. So i asked them to pay for the repair. But they refused, saying its the Landlord's responsibility to replace. I was too tired n lazy to argue with them so i called up the Landlord and thankfully he's nice enough to say ok. The new lock plus workmanship is 70.

By the time the locksmith was done it was already 9.30 and i was soooo ready to have a shower..

Taugeh....taugeh!!! I'm not making this up, and i have pictures to prove..but for your sake i will not post them up, unless u need help with your diet (ie staying off food). They came out of the toilet bowl after if overflowed.... with some other vegetable n pandan leaves!! And some other thing you wouldnt want to know.....

Same thing in the kitchen..but not as much as in the toilet.

So, i was DBKL cum Indah Water, cleaning up the mess......And to think that it might happen again...maybe today! Just made me dread going home...haizzz...

Anyone of you willing to take me into your grand (compared to mine, it must be liao) abode till the shit (literally n figuratively!!) subsides??? :-(

PS. Don't think i'll be eating any beansprouts from now on....

Monday, August 11, 2008

FareWell K

With my ex-colleagues @ my farewell karaoke cum birthday celebrations of Aishah n Penny.
That's Joe, Eunice, Mey and Aishah.

This is my master/former boss getting a bit drunk..

This was in Redbox@ Pavillion..lousy food..but songs selection and deco are ok.

Me trying to show my dimples like Connie's but instead only managed to squeeze out my face fat..hahaha...

Me left dy, so less one leng lui in the firm..hehe..


Joe, cam-whoring wit me..

Penny asked me to show the tongue again..

Bye bye girls...see u all soon in your bikinis!:-D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

To call or not to call, that is the Question..

This is a Survey on the eternally mysterious question of whether the boyfriends should call the girlfriends everyday. I've asked and been asked this question numerous times, so well, here goes.....

Comments from the girls' camp:

denise says:
u thnk bf shd call gf everyday
celest says:
not only once tim...
to me now, not necessarily must meet everyday..but must call at least
last time i must meet everyday wan

Annie says:
not really
its vice versa
but i prefer if bf called me so it doesnt seem dat i very melekat
get wat i mean?

Mey: No need, Sms will do.

Aishah: Morning and afternoon sms optional, but night must call. If not, there is no difference between bf and normal boy-fren. Except the sex part.

Penny: Definitely, must call.

Fay: For me, yes.

Nicole: hmm depends on the bf character also laa, but dun think why izzit so difficult to call lor

From the guys' camp:

yc says:
haha.. depend lah
see new or old
denise says:
so means new yes , old no?
yc says:
depend on how much he miss her lor

ChrisLow says:
well, yeah y not
i wud
but u r asking someone who hasnt been in a relationship for a long time
so definitely i'll call my gf everyday

YeeShin: Call who, I dont have a gf now....But if i got then I will la.

ChrisLow again (after careful consideration): but different guys show their care in different ways. The number of calls shud not be a benchmark

Kait says:
i think should at least have communication everyday
be it call, sms, msn or any other mode
that doesnt mean that everyday the communication mus be initiated by bf, it can be from gf also. bilateral one, not unilateral
the most important is when communiciation is initiated, does the parties show interest in communiciating. does the communiciation give the warm and comfort feeling to each other.
eventhough i think that is need not so often but i still do it.

Joe: Yeah, i'll call or she'll call.

CHrisVun says: No.
actually i think the issue is not who call who..
it is the understanding..
among the couple..
so if i can make my gf understand that i care for her and i love her...
i dun call her also okie

William says: my need. coz seeing each other every day...why call? waste $$$$. haha.


Denise: I understand each and every one of the opinions above. I do, really. My mind and rational tell me to agree with Kait's opinion. But my heart and emotion are staying in the girls' camp. But i noticed that there are some exceptions. Most notable is Mey...ruining it for the rest of the girls by being so understanding..heehhe..but take notice also that for her, the boyfriend must pay for her shopping. So haha, i guess its really give and take in a relationship, compromise is the word we all hate but is required nevertheless.

So, in the meantime, happy weekend..and keep those calls coming! :-))

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tough Day..

Needs love....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Shoutout!!

Err....caution: this is a special shoutout to my, it might be purge-inducing for some (ok, all!) people..You're now warned to deviate from this page and come back moro or the day after to look at new post ok.....Go now!

Hope you're not reading anymore....

Still is???

Well, you heaped it upon urself then....

My husky! You're actually Master husky from now on...keke..How does it feel going to your first convocation? How do your robe and mortar board (you know, the songkok with a lid on it?? heh) fit? Good ceremony? Long winded speeches? Any hot chicks? Heck, any hot lecturers? :-P Well, too bad i'm stuck in the office instead of being there with my pom-poms and whistles. CONGRATULATIONS. Needless to say...I'm very, mighty and incredibly proud of you!!!!
Much LOVE, Huge HUGs and Gigantic PATs on the back (and the sides too!:-P!) Tee heee....

That's it...


Any survivors?? Clean up your puke b4 u leave my blog please....thank you..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Huggies... expected, my plea to my fellow readers and friends to invite me out on Friday nite did not yield a single invitation nor comment! (Except for SirHc who made an attempt but did not follow through with anything coz he's busy moving house. Happy moving!)
So, so...i'm not mad, just a little disappointed..not at you guys..but at myself, coz it just goes to reiterate my beliefs that i'm quite friendless and lifeless...aiks.
But but, today's Monday's blues aint too bad...and i did go to Leisure Mall with Yshin on Friday nite, met up frens for breakfasts on Sat and Sun, spent quality time with CY and watched The Mummy and Sex on the City. So....ain't too bad lar...right? right? Right.
So, anyhow.... I feel blessed to have what i have in my life right now (Just coz i survived the weekend! Wait till its Friday and planless again...huh..)..Awww....So here's a hug for those of you who's having Monday blues...:-D

Have a great first day of the week!

P.S. I have the IseTan card now, so anyone up for shopping next time, buzz me up..I'm so nice and generous.....keke..