Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, August 7, 2008

To call or not to call, that is the Question..

This is a Survey on the eternally mysterious question of whether the boyfriends should call the girlfriends everyday. I've asked and been asked this question numerous times, so well, here goes.....

Comments from the girls' camp:

denise says:
u thnk bf shd call gf everyday
celest says:
not only once tim...
to me now, not necessarily must meet everyday..but must call at least
last time i must meet everyday wan

Annie says:
not really
its vice versa
but i prefer if bf called me so it doesnt seem dat i very melekat
get wat i mean?

Mey: No need, Sms will do.

Aishah: Morning and afternoon sms optional, but night must call. If not, there is no difference between bf and normal boy-fren. Except the sex part.

Penny: Definitely, must call.

Fay: For me, yes.

Nicole: hmm depends on the bf character also laa, but dun think why izzit so difficult to call lor

From the guys' camp:

yc says:
haha.. depend lah
see new or old
denise says:
so means new yes , old no?
yc says:
depend on how much he miss her lor

ChrisLow says:
well, yeah y not
i wud
but u r asking someone who hasnt been in a relationship for a long time
so definitely i'll call my gf everyday

YeeShin: Call who, I dont have a gf now....But if i got then I will la.

ChrisLow again (after careful consideration): but different guys show their care in different ways. The number of calls shud not be a benchmark

Kait says:
i think should at least have communication everyday
be it call, sms, msn or any other mode
that doesnt mean that everyday the communication mus be initiated by bf, it can be from gf also. bilateral one, not unilateral
the most important is when communiciation is initiated, does the parties show interest in communiciating. does the communiciation give the warm and comfort feeling to each other.
eventhough i think that is need not so often but i still do it.

Joe: Yeah, i'll call or she'll call.

CHrisVun says: No.
actually i think the issue is not who call who..
it is the understanding..
among the couple..
so if i can make my gf understand that i care for her and i love her...
i dun call her also okie

William says: my need. coz seeing each other every day...why call? waste $$$$. haha.


Denise: I understand each and every one of the opinions above. I do, really. My mind and rational tell me to agree with Kait's opinion. But my heart and emotion are staying in the girls' camp. But i noticed that there are some exceptions. Most notable is Mey...ruining it for the rest of the girls by being so understanding..heehhe..but take notice also that for her, the boyfriend must pay for her shopping. So haha, i guess its really give and take in a relationship, compromise is the word we all hate but is required nevertheless.

So, in the meantime, happy weekend..and keep those calls coming! :-))

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