Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Shoutout!!

Err....caution: this is a special shoutout to my, it might be purge-inducing for some (ok, all!) people..You're now warned to deviate from this page and come back moro or the day after to look at new post ok.....Go now!

Hope you're not reading anymore....

Still is???

Well, you heaped it upon urself then....

My husky! You're actually Master husky from now on...keke..How does it feel going to your first convocation? How do your robe and mortar board (you know, the songkok with a lid on it?? heh) fit? Good ceremony? Long winded speeches? Any hot chicks? Heck, any hot lecturers? :-P Well, too bad i'm stuck in the office instead of being there with my pom-poms and whistles. CONGRATULATIONS. Needless to say...I'm very, mighty and incredibly proud of you!!!!
Much LOVE, Huge HUGs and Gigantic PATs on the back (and the sides too!:-P!) Tee heee....

That's it...


Any survivors?? Clean up your puke b4 u leave my blog please....thank you..

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