Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sakura love

 Suddenly thought of the time my mum, sis and I took a trip to Japan during the Sakura season a few years back. That was before the deadly and horrifying earthquake/tsunami happened. 

This was in Kyoto..what a wonderful clean, so beautiful, ppl were amazingly courteous and friendly. Lovely!

Not to mention the amazingly beautiful sakura flowers we saw in the trip...Hmmmmmm

And boy oh boy...the can i not mention the food...i love japanese food..and we had so many nice meals during the trip. This was taken when we had unagi rice..i'm not a big fish eater..but i finished it all..well, maybe not the skin. and i was quite taken aback when the chef asked why i didnt eat the skin! Paiseh maximum. For those who had followed a group tour to anywhere before, you will know that some of the places or restaurants they bring us to are just downright 'touristy' (spoken as if its a dirty word haha). Those, eat in 1 hour and you are out of the door type! And this chef to actually come to our table and take concern on why i didnt like the fish skin was sooo professional! 

But ever since the earthquake and the radioactive scare, i don't think either my mum nor my sis would want to revisit Japan so soon...

No worries, we have some amazing local Japanese restaurants that will have to do for now...Sayonara!:)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New year 2014

Happy New Year 2014 from our Mariachi Ginger Cat!! :))

Our Ginger has grown up to be a demure, girly, gentle, slim (vets love slim pets!) and very much, a scaredy cat!!

Ahh.. the life of a cat....
Eat sleep scratch repeat!!! :))

Monday, September 23, 2013

Me in 2013

Oh my oh my, my blog is still around after all. :) Although the title of it is not so apt anymore, i am turning 33 the coming Monday! No celebration is planned, think my husband is too busy to make a fuss out of it too.. so my plan is just to buy myself a nice ice cream cone (from Cold Stone Creamery if available, but sadly it has yet to come to Malaysia, so i'll just make do with Baskins Robbins lar) and sit and enjoy life's simple pleasures. In fact, i think that is what i'm gonna rename my blog :) I've been too much of a whiner my whole life, think i wanna start searching for a Zen(ner) piece of mind and just basically, u know Carpe Diem!

Have a good week, peeps, if there are peeps around still..:))

And here's our Ginger cat saying hellooo.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well, let's see, what have i been busy with recently?
Hmm...i went to a jacky cheung concert in May, paid and submitted (and forced my best buddy to pay and submit as well) to join the Stand Chart Charity run in June, but didnt end up going (official reason-bad air quality, actual reason-fat bums said over our dead lumpy bodies), helped my firm to shift location, had an implantable contact lens surgery which i'm still paying installments on, playing and pampering my cat (her official name at the vet is Ginger Ng!lol) and watching lots of cooking shows and not learning anything from them :-).

Nope, no holidays at all for the past 6 months, been itching like mad to bring my passport sightseeing, but nada. So now i'm planning a big ass holiday- 3 full weeks of it! I've decided to visit my friends in LA and NY in October, and my visa application interview is on next Monday! Just hope they dont reject my application and waste my RM512 application fee (i can get a coach bag already with that amount of money!).

But do you know that flying KL to LA takes about 19 hours? From LA to Grand Canyon about 8 hours by bus? From LA to NY is 5 hours? and finally NY to KL 22 hours? I get tired even thinking about the travelling time. And i'll be travelling alone too... Apprehension abound!! But when i think about the outlets sales, visiting Malibu, Statue of liberty, trying Tacobell and meeting my frens and their's all so alluring....So hmm, nvm, for now let me  just get past the visa interview first...I have to be there at 7.00AM at the embassy.....On MONDAY! I picked the time and day myself, brilliant am i not....:)

Ciao for now..or for a long period of time...who knows what life holds for this lazy blogger...:))

Monday, April 23, 2012

My wishlist

If only i can be in one of the places below, sipping coffee:-

Tuscany, Italy.....

Yes, i so want to be "Under the Tuscan Sun", like literally..pls....

Patagonia, Chile/Argentina.
So breathtakingly beautiful i cant even....


Coz of Angry birds Rio....hehehe...Just kidding

well, will you look at that! i wanna be that red bicycle, ridden by that brazilian boy! :-PP

muahaha, that didnt come out right..

Oh well....if only.......

For now, it's gonna be coffee at the local kopitiam (chinese coffeeshop) for me...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ginger hello!

Okay, if my blog is a pet, it would've died ages ago, over and over again...

But then luckily, my real pet is a cat, she has nine no problemo catto..

Ginger is seen here playing with the document bag i got for CY for his birthday..

And here's Ginger looking pensive..

And here's one looking at you with her comehither look....Meeowwww!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gigi's Wedding

Gigi is our ex colleague who left KL and went back to Malacca, her hometown to practise. Along the way, to cut a story short- girl met guy, guy proposed, us in Malacca attending wedding dinner. :-)

Here are some pics of us attending her wedding dinner.

Cy and me...

Bride is in purple.
The other 3 girls went for a make up session recommended by Gigi, hair AND make up for RM45!!! Worth it or what!..

I really like this dress i had on - retro eh..

All of our entourage from KL.


In the meantime, also take the opportunity to wish all of you a very merry xmas and a grand new year!!!!!!