Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spring Squeky Clean!

In conjunction with chinese new year, i did some spring cleaning.. CY helped out too..look at us working hard..:-)

mirror mirror on the...balcony...who is the darkest n dirtiest of em all??

mirror mirror was!

but not anymore, after much scrubbing..

btw, look at my white court shirts in the background...getting the tender loving care from the afternoon sun....;-D

look wat we idea wat it was.. but we decided its a crossbreed of crocroach and spider... codename:EVO SPIDEY!!

close up of evo-spidey... (oh okay, perhaps, just perhaps its a bug..) but evo spidey sounds wayyy cooler....


PS. Thanks husky! Ur d bestest of best!

Monday, January 28, 2008


me n yshin had dinner wit kelly and tommy (who were in kl for their cny shopping) and also sarah and foo.

all of them were our lami kakis..during our hey-lami-days...really had fun then, can u imagine the joy of playing lami from morning till nite..hahaha..

anyway, we met up at a japanese restaurant at the gardens, beside borders. cant recall the name, but food is commendable and price is ok too.. can hav a repeat there..

d quintessential chawa-mushi

expectant parents sarah n foo (nigga yo!)

nice ler..

foo cant wait....

our gd fren tommy


mushroom and fish floss...ok ler

group pic

happy n satisfied

time flies, donno exactly when wil all of us sit down n play lami again......

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hit the road jack...

on one lonely weekend, where i just couldnt face being alone in KL, the big ol' cold city, i took a drive back to port dickson by myself. my first journey back by myself actually..and it was rather enjoyable..

these r actually pics taken on the way back to kl on a lazy sunday...but do look at the beautiful blue sky..and also the best thing, no traffic jam!

new meaning given to the phrase drive-by shooting...hehe..

pd-seremban highway..toll is now Rm3.20..

isit just me..but wat does the cloud on the right look like to u?? lol..

passing by puduraya to pick up CY near the bar council

view of a piece of kl taken by the riverbank near d industrial court..pretty gd photogs ya?? hehe..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Potluck 12.1.2008

12th January 2008...

Potluck at Wilson's House..

I made my famous konyaku jelly, altho i din take a picture of it..:-( but, here are pics of tat day..

yin, whom i havent seen in 1 yr, me, nic n annie

partial food...

u sure u wanna eat summore???

syioknya kawan kita ini....

a fine example of multi-tasking

yin2 and porvin

clement do kung fu

group pic

girls pic

guys' gay

watta fun evening...lets do it again soon....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Her name is Leona..

I've recently discovered some really talented showsmen(is there such a word?) and really fell in love with them..

Here is one of them...*LEONA LEWIS*

how i first heard of her:-

CY : Do u think Donna Lewis is pretty?
Me: No la, not pretty lar..
CY : The radio dj said she's hot
Me: (In disbelieve) Donna Lewis wor.....
CY : No, not Donna Lewis, that old bag ('scuse him, Donna Lewis' fans..)...Leona Lewis.
Me : Ermmm...who?
CY : U've never heard of her?
Me: (Indignant dy) No la...
CY: Anyway, she's the winner of X-factor and the dj said she's really hot, altho she has attitude issues and she's cocky.
Me: O..Okay...(thinking must check her out dy coz of my kiasu nature. lol)

Well, so i did, and i really liked what i found out..for one, Leona is the winner in the season 3 of X factor which is the british singing competition ala American Idol and even has Simon Cowell as one the judges/mentors. I caught a few episodes of X factor when i was in london a few yrs ago..and which shayne ward went on to win tat second season.

Leona has been singing since young and apparently Cy (or the dj) was ill-informed coz leona is actually shy and unassuming and hav no idea how gd she is! she was even criticised by the show's vocal coach for the lack of "IT" factor. but boy, can she sing...i saw a few of her xfactor performances on youtube...she's really really fab! so much better than carrie underwood, katherine mcphee and jordin sparks put together!

How hot is tat??!!

Here's one link to her new video "Bleeding Love" which i think is absolutely fantastic!!!

She's also been nominated for 4 awards at the Brit awards..she shd definitely win man!

And also since most of my frens have not heard of her before (sheesh, sooo.. out!lol)..i'm goin all out to promote her, she should be better known than the 3 girls mentioned up there.. malaysia is a commonwealth country for g*d's sake, support the colonial masters ok?! hahaahaha.... 17 n counting...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Arthur's hot smoking pipe...LOL!

i had a vivid dream last nite, where i was having a cigarette, enjoying it, *. i don really remember the end of the dream though, whether i continued having my ciggie, or continued feeling guilty..very probably

wat probably triggered off my dream * was arthur having a smoking pipe in the meeting yesterday. i've never tried* a pipe before and i hav to say, the aroma was really nice. i honestly say here.... it is a regret that i've never tried a pipe before*... shd've tried all things tat i could...hmmm...o well, gotta live with it..

nonetheless, having woken up and feeling relieved that i'm stil holding on to my resolution resolutely, *...what say u, my i hav bigger better n more devilish vices?? would love to know, really.. don b afraid to tell me, i wont hold grudges against u for speaking out. tat is, unless, holding grudges is one of my vices too........;-)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

the 7th day of 2008

so the first week of 2008 has past just like tat, all in all, a purrtyy good week..notwithstanding that its my first * free week, i've been rather upbeat and positive!! my wish and intention for this blog is for it to serve as a reminder and as an encouragement for a new year and a new * me...all the best to me n everybody's new year resolutions!!