Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, April 28, 2008

How much is RM160 really worth?

How much really? Well, it must be of a different value for different kinds of ppl. I'm asking this question because recently my colleague Connie has decided to move out from the small room in my rented apartment. And i had put up notices in the neighbourhood to rent it out. RM160 for one single female, or 180 for 2 persons, including water n electricity.

But the ppl who had come to view the room had been disappointing thus far. There were the young and restless blonde-haired(the dyed kind) couple and 2 female dubious characters who came to view d room at midnight.

And last night 2 parttime students. Seems ok, but i have my grave reservations... firstly, I would hav to start sharing d bathroom with 2 other girls. And them being part time students would mean that they would spend a large chunk of time in the house. I don spend hours in the bathroom but i do like tat d bathroom is mine n mine alone. And i like that d whole living room is practically mine and i do whatever i like in the house. And I cant bear the thought of sharing the tv (and the remote, of coz) with anyone else.

But the perks of having someone taking up the room would be that i get to have RM160 every month. Might not seem like a lot, but hey, it'll be more than enough to treat you (my frens) for a nice meal at the mamak hahaa...And it adds up to RM1920 a year! That would nicely pay for a trip to bali for one. And that there;ll be somebody at home most times.

So i dunno, give up some privacy and exclusive usage of the bathroom in return for a Bali trip end of the year?? ~_~


I can just wait for a single girl to rent, who's quiet, and likes to stay in her room at all material times...YEs, tat should be it...I'm sure i can tolerate one girl...haha. Ok, decision made...


Oh, i found out that its actually the FHM poll...and came in at no. 100 is.........

Ms. Brtney herself...

see how pissed she is tat she came in last...

she wonders y she cant be No. 1, with pics like that...

ok, i won torture my blogders any longer ....

there...sthing to remind us of how hot brtney used to be...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot Topic!

So the new sexiest woman in the world poll is in. I don really know who conducted the poll, but Yahoo said its d newest

Anyway, we have a new sexiest woman! The No1 spot was previously occupied by d universally lusted after (but in my humble opinion is without a personality beauty*jealousy anyone?*lol) Miss Jessica Alba.

But hey, with a face and a body like this, who needs personality right????

But now that she's pregnant n looking gloomy all d time now...well, she got chucked to the side by the male population. which is of course a very typical male thing to do, newer better n younger girls..who don wan right? heh.

So ya, the SEXIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW is.......... taa-daa....

Miss Megan Denise Fox...aka Miss sexy who roundaround in Transformers...look at tat a**....

(Note her middlename...I didnt make tat up i swear. Coincidentally, pretty girls just share sthing in common. :-D)

However, i don really like Megan *jealousy again, anyone?* coz i think she just looks way too mature for her age..22! She;s born in 1986! Maybe its just her thick makeup? Altho I do love her Motley Crue tee...

Great body though...

She channels some Monice Berlucci vibe here...I like.....

This is a really bad pic of her, looks just like an ah gua don u think?? Too much make up or what??

Ahh..way better...lov d eyes...but not d eyebrow.....

So, blogders...wat say u?? Sizzling hot hot hot???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh man..when i booked tickets to go Bangkok back in January, i did not do any proper research and now i'm super regretting such omission...

Our airasia flight is supposed to touch down in Bkk on sunday midnite and depart bkk on wednesday..and i just realised that that means i'm gonna miss one of the most famed landmarks there...the Chatuchak Market!!!!!

I'm not really a shopaholic..but which girl in their right frame of mind can resist RM 5 or 10 handbags or other cheap trinkets???? I'm pretty sane, so I definitely cant!!

But it does seem like that I wont have the chance to test my resistance level (albeit its close to non-existant stimes) and i'd hav to settle for lesser and smaller markets....:-[

Do look at this....

"Covering 70 rai (35 acres) of land with over 15,000 (!!!) stalls and more than 200,000 (the thought that i cant be among the 200,000 is most devastating!) visitors every Saturday and Sunday, Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is the mother of all markets- and possibly one of the biggest and most famous markets in the world."

Pity me now yet??? Not the sister, brother, aunty, uncle, cousin...or any other kind...its the MOTHER of all markets.... haizz....really heartbroken dy..

I even went to the extent of checking out airasia one way ticket to bkk to get there one day earlier.. RM177.sthing.. worth it or not to fork out another 177 to get there one day earlier just for mother chatuchak?? My col Penny said definitely not worth it..the 177 can be spent eating or doin other things in bkk. Ok, perhaps tat makes sense... but its alwez gonna stick in the back of my mind that i'm gonna miss mother chatuchak....

And i can imagine this:-


Kenny/Nelly/Sandy (or any other random names) : Hey Denise, long time no see, what have u been up to?

Denise: Oh, I just came back from Bangkok (smugly).

KNS : Wow, sounds fab. U must've enjoyed urself tremendously and shopped til u dropped at the Chatuchak market.

Denise: umm....i din get to go..but but...i did go to other markets.....

KNS: WATTTTTT?????????? U went to Bangkok and u din go the MOTHER of all markets????

Denise: -_-


I'm asking u to live with that???

Friday, April 18, 2008


A Breaking News from CNN
A 90 year old Japanese woman was found dead but was confirmed still VIRGIN. her name was...

Note: A little crude..but hey, u know u like it..:-P

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Travel Bug, Where have u Gone 2??

A friend told me once, during a yamcha session, that he would rather use his money and live like a king (ok, mayb not a king. but a normal proper person) in Malaysia instead of saving up for travelling and eat roti at the subway station (croissants in Paris are just amazing, btw. especially those at the subway stations! but he don know tat..haha). I took a very firm stand at tat time (this yamcha happened quite a few years ago) and insisted that i would choose the latter anytime.

Those of you who have been my friend for while now would know that i really enjoy travelling and would not blink an eye to spend money on travel...


I just realised that i'm no longer the same person that I was, sitting at that mamak table some years ago.


I just deleted my Lonely Planet monthly e-newsletter without actually opening and reading d contents! Horror of horror...

Well, it has been some time since i read a LP e-newsletter from top to bottom, but i've alwez saved 'em in my inbox for I always think that i will read them someday when i'm not so bogged down by other things (blogging for instance.;-P). But to totally delete?! Heresy! Its totally akin to losing my zest n passion to see the world, which at one time i held so dear... i'm now a different person. Maybe, just maybe, i would much rather have money in piggy bank rather than eating roti in say... the Maldives.. (hard to imagine, but try..eating roti surrounded by bikinis n speedos).

But hey, why am I complaining n ranting? I'm still going to Bangkok next month...first time in Thailand..woohooo...! Not gonna hang up my deuter bagpack anytime soon...Although I am thinking of using a trolley bag instead of a bagpack..

Anyway, can a girl be notti in Thailand? And how? Pls enlighten me...for knowledge sake only, btw, coz u know me, incapable of nottiness...heh.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


My eyes have been giving me lots of problems...n that's not inclusive of the amazing short-sightedness (its now +950!) . I've had corneal infections, which inflicted the kinda pain that would have u banging ur head against the wall and begging for it all to be ended, not to mention total blindness for a few days.

Again, its my eye tat had me taken mc these few days. But, its a new thing this time. As per Dr Allen who graduated from the University of Dublin and is in the Association of Physicians of Ireland, I had stye. S.T.Y.E. stye..nice Dr. Allen spelled it out for me, so for sure its accurate. And just like what Dr. Allen said, stye is mostly a nuisance, not really painful. Except when i blink. Anyway, apparently almost everyone has had stye before, mostly ppl when they're young. I knew stye by its chinese term, 'ngan tiu cham'. I've never had one before so I was really scraed and worried, knowing d history of my eyes, and the head banging pain related to it.

From wat i know, ngan tiu cham only afflicts ppl who peep other ppl in the shower. So, y me? Coz i definitely didnt peep anybody and i even off d light in the bathroom when i shower. hahaha..ok, mayb a bit far fetch there. but apparently, dr allen also said that nobody really know y styes happen... so me looking at edison's pictures was definitely not the reason y i got stye. n its safe for u guys 2 continue ogling also..;-P

okay, i'm off to the movies with my hokkien fella is friday nite...happy weekend, as usual...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Of Eddie, Panda and Horton

I'm definitely looking like this i had a cuppa of kim gary's yin yong last nite at dinner and i was still so awake at 3 in the morning that i could actually make frens and had chats with mosquitoes over their lives' stories, if tat is possible of course. But they would most probably had gone to other victims to have their meals by then coz this fatty delicious victim just would not stop fidgetting and enter dreamland in order for them to sink their fangs into me (sounds a lil scary eh...ooohhh, which reminds me that they are scary coz one small mosquitoe in the name of eddie from the aedes clan took a liking to me when i was in std 6 and had me admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks, iv n blood drips, the works. not gd fun, tat 2 weeks) . anyway, I had intended to sleep till late this morning, but alas, wakey wakey at 8.

Another reason for my sleepness nite is also because of me losing my Long Call order, which is something like an approval/acknowledgement of me qualifying and practising as a lawyer. reason why i just recently realised the absence of my order is coz i'm thinking of switching firms, so i will need my order. But, surprise, surprise, i found it among d mountains of papers on my table just now! hehe, so phew, breath of relief...but really gotta change this careless attitude.., alwez losing things and forgetting things...[but really, those few times tat i left my phone in the hse, its actually me deliberately wanna climb up the stairs again for exercise's sake, cy......ermmm, buy it bo?? haha]

By the way, i really am waiting to watch the kungfu panda. y fat things are all cute n cuddly? except for adult humans mayb...hmm..

Another fat cuddly animal was horton, I watched Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who last weekend. very very tremendous fun! story line was gd, the jokes were funny. really enjoyed myself...and cy did, along the lines of cheesy reviews......2 thumbs up!

Happee weekend ppl!