Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Travel Bug, Where have u Gone 2??

A friend told me once, during a yamcha session, that he would rather use his money and live like a king (ok, mayb not a king. but a normal proper person) in Malaysia instead of saving up for travelling and eat roti at the subway station (croissants in Paris are just amazing, btw. especially those at the subway stations! but he don know tat..haha). I took a very firm stand at tat time (this yamcha happened quite a few years ago) and insisted that i would choose the latter anytime.

Those of you who have been my friend for while now would know that i really enjoy travelling and would not blink an eye to spend money on travel...


I just realised that i'm no longer the same person that I was, sitting at that mamak table some years ago.


I just deleted my Lonely Planet monthly e-newsletter without actually opening and reading d contents! Horror of horror...

Well, it has been some time since i read a LP e-newsletter from top to bottom, but i've alwez saved 'em in my inbox for I always think that i will read them someday when i'm not so bogged down by other things (blogging for instance.;-P). But to totally delete?! Heresy! Its totally akin to losing my zest n passion to see the world, which at one time i held so dear... i'm now a different person. Maybe, just maybe, i would much rather have money in piggy bank rather than eating roti in say... the Maldives.. (hard to imagine, but try..eating roti surrounded by bikinis n speedos).

But hey, why am I complaining n ranting? I'm still going to Bangkok next month...first time in Thailand..woohooo...! Not gonna hang up my deuter bagpack anytime soon...Although I am thinking of using a trolley bag instead of a bagpack..

Anyway, can a girl be notti in Thailand? And how? Pls enlighten me...for knowledge sake only, btw, coz u know me, incapable of nottiness...heh.

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