Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Yell out!

This is my new FB and MSN profile pic.. Cute not??? LOL

Fat rabbit...

Happy friday to all.....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Last nite in taiwan

Hello blogders! Greetings from Taiwan! Am currently in Taipei for the last nite before flying home Moro. So far Taiwan has given me a pretty gd impression, we were having fun somewhat until my sister fell ill, her gastric is back to bother her these few days. :-(. And my mum doesn't really like the snacks here, so it seems I'm the one who has been gobbling up everything. Although tonite, I am eating only this instant noodle. But don't pity me just yet! It's really gd for cup noodle standard! Comes with real beef! For NTD 350 I would it's a steal. :-p
Alright, bye for now.. See u all back in gd ol Kay El soon... Gd day...

Uhhhhh... Sorry, have not figured out how to upload pics from my phone yet... So no pic of my cup noodle..*dig hole n hide head*

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashionotbly me..

Thot just wanna get some variance to the topics i blog about, and talk a bit bout fashion today. I do shop online sometimes, at my peak i get perhaps 6 pcs of clothing from online fashion blogs per month. Prices and qualities vary greatly from blog to blog..but i normally get those in the region of RM30-55.

My friend Pearly manages her own blogshop and real shop and she's the one who started me on online shopping, as her real shop is in East Malaysia and i cant visit it. Its easier that she's seen me before and knows my figure, so she's more like a personal shopper and will recommend me clothes. Click here if you'd like to see some of her items at sale. She's most friendly and helpful!

Lemme show you what i'm wearing today...

This dress (cardigan is model's own- since model has fat arms) is from Little White Crane. If i'm not mistaken, I bought it for around RM50 including postage a few months back. And here's a pic on their site, worn by (real) model.

Pic pulled from LWC, of coz.

Well, this is one of the nicer items i've bought online (excluding my fren's Pearly's items of coz, since she goes the extra mile for her customers and purchases from her are considered safebets compared with other blogs. haha. Pearly, can i have my commission now pls! :-)))

For a successful shopping trip online, the most basic requirement is to know your own vital stats, (actual, as in right now, NOT the make believe, after diet). While some other blogs just give very general description -like , fits sizes S-M. Some blogs give a comprehensive description of the pc of clothing- length, bust, waist and butt circumfrences, best fits sizes, and material. (for eg - for the pc i'm wearing - Length : 34" (86cm) Waist : up to 29" Hip: up to 37" (Fits UK6-UK10) ) I'm a size 10 currently, so yeah, i'm maxxing it out..hhaha..

And with other remarks such as "Remarks: Polka dot dual tone dress with hidden side zip and comes with a camel brown skinny belt (Quality cotton, soft and comfy) "

And a lot of times, its trial and error. I would say, perhaps 80% of the pcs bought are exactly like how i thought it would turn out, and fits nicely. Others unfortunate items i just pass along to skinner ppl (my sis-unfair!) who can just about wear anything. Since items are not expensive, and its gd fun (and blardy addictive!) shopping online, i dont exactly mind. And i betcha my sis isnt complaining too! :-) And for those blogs who is overpriced and underqualified (i mean bad quality larr), very simply, i just dont return..

As for customer service, 98% of the time, the sellers are efficient and friendly. There was only 1 blog which was rude to me and selling overpriced items too, so that's a buh bye.. (avoid Melody Fashion!)

Okay, showing you some other items that i've bought online..

This pair of shoes belong to Annie, we ordered a pair each from Milktee. This is a blog that i've been returning to, their items are not exp and quality is gd. Nice pictures and easy layout too!

And this is my pair, i have to say, Annie's pair looks much nicer.. and my pair is a tad too tight on me too, i've got very picky and blister-prone feet! :-((

Okay, thats all for now...Hope to have a fruitful shopping trip in Taiwan!!

I don't want to listen to the rhythm of the falling rain!

We're flying off on Thursday, but it seems Taipei is still experiencing showers and cloudy days.. :-(

Today's weather in Taipei is ....

Very cloudy28°C
E 6 m/s
31 mbar
12 km
UV sensibility:
2 Low
Dew Point:
Feels like Temp:
5.48 AM
5.32 PM
Day's Length:
11.43 hours

Thursday, October 6, 2011

sing part 1

You're gonna be so jealous when i tell you this.... I'm going on a trip again! Destination - TAIWAN! Ok, so its not Norway or Bhutan or Rio...but i'm going with my mom and sis, enough reason for celebration...having gained more wisdom (since i just turned uh humm 31 last week), i realised its not the places that count (yeah right) but its the company you keep. (now go awwwwww) hahah....

We were supposed to go to Beijing but our tour got canceled due to insufficient number of travellers, and since its too late to apply for a visa to China, we're heading to Taiwan instead. Leaving on the 13th, bought our air tics yesterday and bought our ground arrangement today.... With my mom in tow and us having the experience of a failed independent travel to Eastern Europe some years ago, its better to have the comfort and convenience of a guided tour. I know some ppl hate it, being herded up and down the bus like a brace of ducks (i googled collective nouns of ducks)..i'm too lazy to be doing independent travel nowadays..unless its with the right ppl (ie- my buddy who has the patience of a saint!) as i can be such a pain the arse while traveling...its true, the korean girl who witnessed my Jekyl and Hyde transformation the moment the train left Waterloo station can vouch for it! But as i said, with age and wisdom on my side, i'll conquer the Jekyl (or isit Hyde?) in me!

In the meantime, more pics from Singapore!

Marina Bay Sands, looks really special.. They're one of the 2 licensed casinos in Singapore, the other being the Genting group, which is from yours truly Malaysia. Went in both, very different ambience.
Pic taken during our river cruise.

Day visit to the inside of Marina Bay Sands, very upclass, here's the perennial tai tai favourite - Elll Veee...

And their window display.. despite my many references to elll veee, i dont own even one of their items and i'm not particularly crazy for one..its more like, ohh ell vee, how nice, and move on..i dont drool over their bags nor do i lust after louis.. having said that, don't think that i wouldnt want your old ellll veee bags should you decide that you've had enough fun with yours and would like to throw one my way...pls do!!

my reflection in one of the many glossy shiny slimming mirrors there ...

Okay, the next pic's supposed to come after this..but i'm lazy to here's the bottom part with water....

And the top part before water....

And here is my colleague with her husband who sang a very sweet song to her in the bus...awww....

Okay, abrupt end... hungry and need food..

Monday, October 3, 2011


Okay, am back from Singapore.. had a gd time, although i was late for 1 1/2 hours on departure morning and everyone had to wait for me.....sorrryyy!!!

So, just a few pics from the trip...

Waiting for our train to the Universal Studios station...

Hello Alex of Madagascar!

And errrr...woody woodpecker in drag??

okay...more pics in the next post!