Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, October 17, 2011

Last nite in taiwan

Hello blogders! Greetings from Taiwan! Am currently in Taipei for the last nite before flying home Moro. So far Taiwan has given me a pretty gd impression, we were having fun somewhat until my sister fell ill, her gastric is back to bother her these few days. :-(. And my mum doesn't really like the snacks here, so it seems I'm the one who has been gobbling up everything. Although tonite, I am eating only this instant noodle. But don't pity me just yet! It's really gd for cup noodle standard! Comes with real beef! For NTD 350 I would it's a steal. :-p
Alright, bye for now.. See u all back in gd ol Kay El soon... Gd day...

Uhhhhh... Sorry, have not figured out how to upload pics from my phone yet... So no pic of my cup noodle..*dig hole n hide head*

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