Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

recent undertakings

I bought a new camera recently - an Olympus E-PL2. Supposed to be really good (unless the reviews are all olympus sponsored). My old Canon compact did not spoil, but my buddy psychoed me into buying a new and improved one. That's wat buddies are for, right. (Actually he holds a half share of both the cameras, and i'm the stakeholder -ie i hold and use the cameras 90% of the time. But hey, I had to pay half for the very unnecessary skins (for the very uninformed, skins are the stickers that have no functions but to provide patterns) which the stylo milo that he is insisted upon RM90 for 2 ok.. -_-)

So here are some random shots taken with the new camera. Quite bad shots since i havent any skills and too laid back to be reading the manual..

Hehe, ya, loo rolls, in my PD house. Those feet belong to my dad.

My Fb and msn profile pic. Somehow managed turn camwhore into arty farty.

Ipoh Kai shi hor fun, in Ipoh no less!

Someone's dog captured the time i went with buddy to view some houses.

Some program the camera has- dramatised or sthing. This is at the Mines.

And lastly, my colleague Anis' wedding. My hair color is DIY using Liese, not bad actually, considering the price - below RM30. My lace top is bought online, RM50. Belt is from Bangkok, RM16. I sound like a total cheapo, don't i. Which brings me to another topic- online clothes time!