Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ohh yipppeee dooo dahhh...its friday!! And since i'm feeling rather uninspired to write anything that makes sense and do not have any personal pictures to share...I just thought i'd make my male blogders happy again by posting some nice pics of Hollywood starlets that i think are pretty pretty...
First off....
Rachel of Yshin's favourites...
I personally didnt know wats so cute or hot bout this girl til i saw this pic.. Nice dress, hair etc..not bad lar...
But Jumper was such a lousy movie..Yechhh...

This is Blake Lively, a new favourite of mine. I didnt who she was when i was watching Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants bout 2 years ago, but now that Gossip Girl is all the rage, everyone knows bout Blake Lively now..

She's a blonde, but not a very typical blonde. She's got a face and voice that either you love or hate, i feel.

Another sisterhood of travelling pants alum, Alexis Bledel. I used to watch Gilmore Girls a little, but wasnt a fan. But i came across these pictures of Alexis and i think she's very very pretty.

Look at those eyes, mesmerising, no?

Okay guys, since i've made your Friday that little tiny bit better, pls drop me comments ok..I'd really, really liked comments..:-))

PS..ermmm..this is embarassing, but what'll you ppl do tonight?? I cant bear to be plan-less and be stuck at home on a Friday nite....holler if I could join ya....Haappy weekendd...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hehe, true enough, i'm back with another post. Just couldn't resist. So, today's topic: How long does it take for one to fully become skillful in driving? A car, of course.

Wat better example than myself right..see, i've officially been driving for a year now. I've had my fair share of banging and scraping and many many near misses and lucky escapes. Yet, i thought my driving skills definitley have improved the past year. And me getting the 625 subsidy is some sort of a coming of (driver's) age event.

Yet, this morning, in my office's parking lot (seems like my Big White suffers a lot in parking lots. His bane of some sort.) I was trying to do reverse parking into either one of two adjacent parking spaces. And sure enough, I parked right in the middle of the two. And there's a Camry waiting. So after a million manueveurs, i was finally able to (dis)gracefully park into a space. And Camry parked right beside me. He smiled and from through two cars' glass panels (mine and his, obviously), I thought hmm...this man's got patience and manners. Anyway, I continued my morning chatter on the phone with Yshin (he's having an arm wrestling competition in his firm this evening!) and when i finished my conversation and locked car and everything, I see that Camry man was still waiting for the lift. Then he smiled at me. Then i smiled back. All very sweet and cordial.

Then he spoke. "U bought your license isit?" What the helll.....................
Smile slipped off my face and I said i just started driving not long ago (one year, still singular, not long ago lar..). Then he said, "oh no wonder lar, turn here n there so many times." He said it half-jokingly and in a not mean manner, yet, your jokes fell flat mister....hmmph.
Lift came, we got in, saw my col, talked to my col, totally ignored him.

So for you ppl, next time u're in this situation (in Camry's shoes, of course, not mine, i hope nobody parks as bad as i do), do not make jokes of tat kind if you happen to wait for the same lift. Just smile and say sthing like, practice makes perfect. Oh wait, if anybody's as sensitive as half the girls' population, maybe the person will take it the wrong way too.. So, better if just smile and say, bad traffic jam today ya.... There, won't that be nice....:-D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday Bluez

Having a bad bout of Monday blues i'm just gonna make correction on my previous posts. Apparently curry v misa is not the case in point for the definition on consummation of marriage. Yshin said he shd definitely know its not a family law case, coz he did take the family law exam. Twice. haha.

Anyway, hmm...some unforeseen circumstances have rendered me unable to look at my blog the same way again. Or at least to blog the same way again. So i'm a confused on whether i should continue with blogging, since i can't bring myself to blog in a manner that is not who i really am. I dunno....but i strongly suspect i'll be back moro or stime soon with another post. So, count tat as just a silly Denise's musing in the meantime..

Anyone knows of any Monday blues cure pls let me know...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There isnt a word like tat, and i'm all confused bout nouns and verbs and adjectives and watnots. But i thot it sounds better than annoying things. silly thots really. Sounds a bit like annulments ya? which is not a gd thing, coz it reminds me of annulments of marriages, a la Britney in Vegas. Which then reminds me of void marriages, and subsequent of which reminds me of non-consummation of marriages, which then reminds me of definition of consummation of marriages by Lushington J in Curry v Misa : reasonable penetration for reasonable length of time.(law students/practitioners, I stand to be corrected coz i just cant b bothered to check what i can remember on tat). Wat is considered reasonable i'd discuss in another post another day ok...don't get too excited now...

Hmmm....see, I can relate practically everything back to sex. Confirmed i have half a mind of a male. Misery or joy???

Anyway anyway..i digress...coming back to my word "annoyments". I want to talk about things that annoy me, which is a lot lately..mayb i'm getting old, or bitchier..or mayb both..

I just can't help but to pick things out in adverts that annoy me. Yes, Adverts. On tv. THose (normally) harmless moving short sketches/slides that dont serve much purpose except to tempt you to buy their products.

For one, the Brands essence of chicken advert. The one where our 2 heroes were riding their bicycles thru the woods in a mini storm and they came across these 2 chicks whose camping tent was ripped by the wind and we can see that the chickas look helpless and were trying to use their phones to call for help but to no avail.

So the 2 heroes arrived and our chicken man (the one who alwez drink chicken essence and thus, smarter, so it seems) thought of the idea to use dental floss to sew up the tent and make it nice again. Then the 2 chickas (all related to chickens, i just realised!So, drink chicken essence and attract chicks?? So tat means i eat beef and attract beefcakes??? :-DDDDD) were in awe and idolise the chicken man, much to the chagrin of the non-chicken man.

So, okay, the things tat annoy me:-
1) Which girls in their right camping minds would call for help when their tent gets ripped? If its me, i'd just pack things up and go home, or find shelter elsewhere, or at least have a plan B lar... Coz i think if 2 girls can go camping by themselves, they dont fit the bimbos stereotype and won't trouble other ppl with their miniscule problem right. Wat? They'd call and their toyboys would just come barging in with new tents???

2) Which guys in their right riding dirt bikes thru the wilderness minds would bring dental floss?? Maybe its just me being un-hygienic but.....Sissiess galore!!...Or or, Brokeback Mountain came to mind now..they're goin to have some mouth/tongue action later?? woo hoo...Innuendos of homosexuality on Msian television!!...I like...Not so annoying after all..heh.:-P

3) The wind has stopped blowing by the time the guy finished sewing up the tent! Umm.. I dunno exactly why this annoy me, but i noticed it and was annoyed by it nevertheless.

I make you think of the advert in a different way now, don't I????

Furthermore,,, this ad tat i see in cinemas coz its Carlsberg and it being alcoholic etc...

The scenario was this: Scarecrow, corn crops or watever were being mowed down in the middle of the night, then the day after, FBIs (not the Female Body Inspectors kind) and CIAs and Black Men (sorry, i meant Men In black) were called in to investigate this phenomenon.

Then it turned out the crops were cropped (it rhymes!) made to look like a giant Carlsberg bottle by this bunch of gd and cool looking bunch of models (well, they are). They were looking at the scene and being merry and mightly chuffed of themselves.

A big Huh??????????????????? Which bunch of cool people with their busy social and working schedules would have time to do tat???? If I have time to do tat, i would freaking write my name or sthing, so at least I would be famous. And the poor farmer. Oh, wait, unless they have a grudge against the farmer. But that would bring the farmer publicity and he can charge ppl who come to visit his farm. So tat possibility is out. Or....all of them are from the "Scarecrow scared the shit out of me when i was 5 society". And thus, the revengeeeeee.....


So, tell me, is the ad childish or I'm being too cynical???

Monday, July 21, 2008

Babies Domination!

Oi, Ling and Yuin, traitors of the country, these are for u:-
Hahah, yup, these were the ones taken on Pei's baby's full moon party.
ohhhh hahhaa..sori I meant full month party...hahaha..cant feng tau so young right? hehee...
See Ling, I fetched ur mum, sis n niece to Seaview u know, doing ur duty as a daughter. Ur mum shd take me as a goddaughter larr...give me big big angpow..heheh...
Here's ur niece....She very energetic ar, kept dancing and running around..

Pei and Jared...

She so fast slimmed down liao..

With me, the one true childhood friend..heh.

All are expecting or had just given birth! And I look most preggers of all! Not fair!!!!

Jared with mummy and daddy...

Aikss, he looks so uncomfortable....

But at least I was there larr...

(Yuin and Ling, i'm really making u guys feel bad right??

And this is Jamie, MeiNi's and Tay's baby....

7 months old Jamie girl...

And me, grinning like a madwoman...Luckily din make her cry...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Word 1

Well, it is a new word to me. I 've never come across this word til recently so I thot i'd share with you.


Any idea what that means?

According to Collins, my mini red coloured, stale smelling English Dictionary And Thesaurus, it means pay, salary..

To use it in a sentence would be: 1) How much is your emolument?


2) Has there been an increment in your emolument recently?

Is it me (it must be!) or doesn't emolument sounds a bit like errrr... kemaluan??? Try substituting emolument with kemaluan in the sample sentences above....



Thursday, July 17, 2008


CY brought me to a dog show in Damansara Ara Niu Ze Xui a few weekends ago. Crazy bout dogs as he is and also his fren's dog was on show as well.
Ta-da! This is the his fren's dog who turned out to be the Best of Show of the day. Meaning he's the best dog not just in his category of pomeranian but also among all the winners in the different categories and breeds! Mighty cute is he not??

Look at all that fluff!

Cocker Spaniel..from the 80s..look at the bell-bottoms! haha.

Golden Retrievers...I've alwez liked bigger dogs...

Hehehehe...Bulldog kena punched...

Huskiessssssss......smaller than I thought huskies would be..but gorgeous fur and intelligent eyes..

Retrievers again..

Another 80's cock. er spaniel..:-P sorry, couldnt resist!

Pomeranians and chow-chow..

Chow chow looks dungu but cute and cuddly..

Little gorilla chow chow..

Chinese chow chow...slit eyes!

Short Note: I'm off to watch Red Cliff tonight with CY. He's into all these 3 kingdoms sorta things. He's appalled that Takeshi Kaneshiro is playing Zhu GeLiang, his hero in 3. But he's appeased that Lin ZhiLing is in the movie as well (who cares if she cant act for shit and talks in an annoying manner, didn't u see her Osim legs massager ad??? well, tat's wat I think. For CY and all the menfolk, its probably sthing like: legssssssss, heavenly legsss, wat kingdoms, where?......teehee.). Cheerios my amigos..:-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi ppl...if there are still ppl reading my blog..coz I know I haven't been doing posting lately. Its not my fault really, coz my internet connection has been down these few days. The perils of blogging from the office hehe. The IT fella said they had no clue of reason why my internet connection was so slow. Cables intact, server running, etc. Virus scans revealed nothing. But he suspected it was spyware and asked what kinda websites do i normally surf. Errr.....hahhaha.. I said the normal kinds la. I swear, I haven't been surfing porn here. Yet. The most is the one time gpost. Tats all. And what i surf here i wat i surfed back in the old firm. And nothing bad happened there...

Anyway anyway, the IT fella worked overtime last evening to fix this thing. And this morning, all seemed fine again. Cheers! Hopefully it won't act up again la.

Well, well, The Dark Knight is starting to show today. Anybody got tickets to go? I'm planning to go on the weekend. If you know me, u'd know that CY spoils me and will get tics for us to watch new movies on Thursdays themselves. But alas, I have a new activity lining up this evening.....I'm going to aerobics class! Yup, i'm following my colleagues to this place where teach aerobics, yoga, dance etc. I went for the first class on Tuesday and I'm still a bit sore everywhere but already paid, so must go lar... CY is happy too that i'm finally getting some exercise. But it really does feel great after a good sweat ya...WEll, we'll see how long i can keep up with it...heh..

Gotta go read something alien (its conveyancing, which i know zilch about) now.. Have a gd day, you good ppl!:-)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Annie has bought the tics to watch Hellboy2 later tonight in Midval. I think it should be good, since Hellboy 1 was quite alright. But Cy thinks that it wont be good, through the preview. Lets see who shall be right yea.

On movies, Hancock was quite a disappointment to me. I really thought it'd be fantastic. But alas, it didnt rock my boat. The beginning half was ok, Will Smith being the lost superhero and all. The action not too bad either. But when it started to turn serious, with Charlize Theron looking all secretive and mysterious, for me it lost its charm. Charlize's character didn;t really looked as if she wanted to lead a normal housewifey kinda life like she said she wanted. The immortality storyline etc...yech..

Journey to the centre of the earth is out also. I quite like Brendan Fraser in all his stereotyped action figure roles, although ppl can quite forget that he was also in quite successful movies such as Bedazzled, Blast from the Past and also a personal favourite, George of the Jungle. Who can forget how he looks like when he was transformed from the Jungleguy to Mr. Metrosexual...yummy...or isit just me who stil remember tat...?? haha..

Anyway, new job is rather challenging. I cant believe how pampered I was in the old firm...Hmm...Its definitely correct, look for a change to really challenge yourself...

Adios frends..have a nice weekend...:-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The night I wasnt feeling very charitable..

Yep, the KL Bar Charity Nite that i was supposed to go but didnt make it at the last minute coz of my flu and bengkak eyes. But I managed to get some pics from Yshin to see if I missed anything fab....

Clement with some chicks tat i dont know.... Only one good-looking chick in the tube top..

Don't know any of them and no hotties..

Yshin with Seira..

Annie and Mey, cam-whoring with my camera! Wtf..

Well, that's about it, hahaaa..seems like i didnt miss much..hehee....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Newbie 2

Oohhh, i've been notti, today is oni my 2nd day at new work, and i've aredi installed the messenger. Heheee..

It was raining this morning and i had so much difficulty waking up! How come the weather wasnt like this last week when i wasnt in need to wake up for work? Ironies of life.

Another irony :I took the lrt to work ysterday coz i hadnt gotten my parking access card yet. And the monorail rosak. Mountains (ok, mayb just molehills) of ppl were crowding the station at Hang Tuah and i actually saw one girl being carried out from the train coz she fainted. Boy oh boy. And so i had to walk from Hang Tuah to Parkroyal. Luckily i was early yesterday. Another example of y we shd always leave for work early....Coz u wouldn't know if u'd be the fainting one...hahahaaa...choi!

Hope to find time to post up pics soon...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Dropping a line from my new office in Bkt Bintang now....Weird feeling on first day or work. and i miss my colleagues from the last firm... But hey, ppl gotta move on right... :-)

PS. Federer lost to Nadal...blekkkkkk