Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday Bluez

Having a bad bout of Monday blues i'm just gonna make correction on my previous posts. Apparently curry v misa is not the case in point for the definition on consummation of marriage. Yshin said he shd definitely know its not a family law case, coz he did take the family law exam. Twice. haha.

Anyway, hmm...some unforeseen circumstances have rendered me unable to look at my blog the same way again. Or at least to blog the same way again. So i'm a confused on whether i should continue with blogging, since i can't bring myself to blog in a manner that is not who i really am. I dunno....but i strongly suspect i'll be back moro or stime soon with another post. So, count tat as just a silly Denise's musing in the meantime..

Anyone knows of any Monday blues cure pls let me know...


Natallie said...

chocolates? lattes? desserts? hehe

Denise said...

any one of those will do..tq, when belanja??:-)))

Tazeen said...


a blue post for blue mondays
very befitting