Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There isnt a word like tat, and i'm all confused bout nouns and verbs and adjectives and watnots. But i thot it sounds better than annoying things. silly thots really. Sounds a bit like annulments ya? which is not a gd thing, coz it reminds me of annulments of marriages, a la Britney in Vegas. Which then reminds me of void marriages, and subsequent of which reminds me of non-consummation of marriages, which then reminds me of definition of consummation of marriages by Lushington J in Curry v Misa : reasonable penetration for reasonable length of time.(law students/practitioners, I stand to be corrected coz i just cant b bothered to check what i can remember on tat). Wat is considered reasonable i'd discuss in another post another day ok...don't get too excited now...

Hmmm....see, I can relate practically everything back to sex. Confirmed i have half a mind of a male. Misery or joy???

Anyway anyway..i digress...coming back to my word "annoyments". I want to talk about things that annoy me, which is a lot lately..mayb i'm getting old, or bitchier..or mayb both..

I just can't help but to pick things out in adverts that annoy me. Yes, Adverts. On tv. THose (normally) harmless moving short sketches/slides that dont serve much purpose except to tempt you to buy their products.

For one, the Brands essence of chicken advert. The one where our 2 heroes were riding their bicycles thru the woods in a mini storm and they came across these 2 chicks whose camping tent was ripped by the wind and we can see that the chickas look helpless and were trying to use their phones to call for help but to no avail.

So the 2 heroes arrived and our chicken man (the one who alwez drink chicken essence and thus, smarter, so it seems) thought of the idea to use dental floss to sew up the tent and make it nice again. Then the 2 chickas (all related to chickens, i just realised!So, drink chicken essence and attract chicks?? So tat means i eat beef and attract beefcakes??? :-DDDDD) were in awe and idolise the chicken man, much to the chagrin of the non-chicken man.

So, okay, the things tat annoy me:-
1) Which girls in their right camping minds would call for help when their tent gets ripped? If its me, i'd just pack things up and go home, or find shelter elsewhere, or at least have a plan B lar... Coz i think if 2 girls can go camping by themselves, they dont fit the bimbos stereotype and won't trouble other ppl with their miniscule problem right. Wat? They'd call and their toyboys would just come barging in with new tents???

2) Which guys in their right riding dirt bikes thru the wilderness minds would bring dental floss?? Maybe its just me being un-hygienic but.....Sissiess galore!!...Or or, Brokeback Mountain came to mind now..they're goin to have some mouth/tongue action later?? woo hoo...Innuendos of homosexuality on Msian television!!...I like...Not so annoying after all..heh.:-P

3) The wind has stopped blowing by the time the guy finished sewing up the tent! Umm.. I dunno exactly why this annoy me, but i noticed it and was annoyed by it nevertheless.

I make you think of the advert in a different way now, don't I????

Furthermore,,, this ad tat i see in cinemas coz its Carlsberg and it being alcoholic etc...

The scenario was this: Scarecrow, corn crops or watever were being mowed down in the middle of the night, then the day after, FBIs (not the Female Body Inspectors kind) and CIAs and Black Men (sorry, i meant Men In black) were called in to investigate this phenomenon.

Then it turned out the crops were cropped (it rhymes!) made to look like a giant Carlsberg bottle by this bunch of gd and cool looking bunch of models (well, they are). They were looking at the scene and being merry and mightly chuffed of themselves.

A big Huh??????????????????? Which bunch of cool people with their busy social and working schedules would have time to do tat???? If I have time to do tat, i would freaking write my name or sthing, so at least I would be famous. And the poor farmer. Oh, wait, unless they have a grudge against the farmer. But that would bring the farmer publicity and he can charge ppl who come to visit his farm. So tat possibility is out. Or....all of them are from the "Scarecrow scared the shit out of me when i was 5 society". And thus, the revengeeeeee.....


So, tell me, is the ad childish or I'm being too cynical???


Terra Shield said...

Ok, now that I've stopped laughing, I can type....

Anyway, you're absolutely right about the chicken essence ad. It's mega silly and annoying. I think you kinda pictured what most people think but never said out loud... though the brokeback mountain reference killed me.

Denise said...

good to know tat i'm not the oni one who got annoyed..hehe..