Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Newbie 2

Oohhh, i've been notti, today is oni my 2nd day at new work, and i've aredi installed the messenger. Heheee..

It was raining this morning and i had so much difficulty waking up! How come the weather wasnt like this last week when i wasnt in need to wake up for work? Ironies of life.

Another irony :I took the lrt to work ysterday coz i hadnt gotten my parking access card yet. And the monorail rosak. Mountains (ok, mayb just molehills) of ppl were crowding the station at Hang Tuah and i actually saw one girl being carried out from the train coz she fainted. Boy oh boy. And so i had to walk from Hang Tuah to Parkroyal. Luckily i was early yesterday. Another example of y we shd always leave for work early....Coz u wouldn't know if u'd be the fainting one...hahahaaa...choi!

Hope to find time to post up pics soon...

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