Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, July 17, 2008


CY brought me to a dog show in Damansara Ara Niu Ze Xui a few weekends ago. Crazy bout dogs as he is and also his fren's dog was on show as well.
Ta-da! This is the his fren's dog who turned out to be the Best of Show of the day. Meaning he's the best dog not just in his category of pomeranian but also among all the winners in the different categories and breeds! Mighty cute is he not??

Look at all that fluff!

Cocker Spaniel..from the 80s..look at the bell-bottoms! haha.

Golden Retrievers...I've alwez liked bigger dogs...

Hehehehe...Bulldog kena punched...

Huskiessssssss......smaller than I thought huskies would be..but gorgeous fur and intelligent eyes..

Retrievers again..

Another 80's cock. er spaniel..:-P sorry, couldnt resist!

Pomeranians and chow-chow..

Chow chow looks dungu but cute and cuddly..

Little gorilla chow chow..

Chinese chow chow...slit eyes!

Short Note: I'm off to watch Red Cliff tonight with CY. He's into all these 3 kingdoms sorta things. He's appalled that Takeshi Kaneshiro is playing Zhu GeLiang, his hero in 3. But he's appeased that Lin ZhiLing is in the movie as well (who cares if she cant act for shit and talks in an annoying manner, didn't u see her Osim legs massager ad??? well, tat's wat I think. For CY and all the menfolk, its probably sthing like: legssssssss, heavenly legsss, wat kingdoms, where?......teehee.). Cheerios my amigos..:-)

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