Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, December 22, 2008

They're NOT D*l*os!

Yes, i know that i've been missing for quite some time.. Let's just say it was a technical glitch...coz i had no technic..hahah..Ok, lame joke..

But here i am, and we've just gotten back from Cameron last weekend and it was rather fun... I nearly puke on the way down using the Tapah road and i've been having headaches ever since i caught a bug or some sort there...and we've all been conned into buying sour strawberries, wilting flowers and crystallized guava.

The typical tourist of the mill ways to throw away our hard earned money...but like i said, it was rather fun... is rather late now and i'm pretty i'll write more and post more pics in the next entry...

In the meantime, here are some 'specially-shaped' cactuses to wish you a VERY MERRY XMAS!!!! :-)))

Ho Ho HO!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok, although I really dont like to gloat...i'm really not that kinda girl...

But its the simple truth..and I really dont like to keep things from my friends...

So...brace yourself....

The thing is.........

Daniel Wu loves me...

He does....

How do I know?.......

Coz he just couldnt stop staring into my deep brown (albeit seriously short-sighted) eyes and smiled so sweetly at me when i met him the other day...

Who are u calling a liar???? Its the truth!! And i have proof!!!









Delusional...A sign from God...same thing, no? Hahah...


Yes, i know, pictures are missing from my blog lately...For my blog readers, like Annie, who oni read captions accompanying photos, my blog has been increasingly dull. It doesnt help that I've been so busy I really got no time to rant and/or rave bout much. It is oni apt that this post is in grey....

Well, other than be patient, my friends, wait for the photos to arrive by the truckloads, I really cant say much else...sigh sigh...

HOweverrr.....December is the month of the holidayssss!! Much to be cheerful about!! Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way....(I have another version of Jingle bell in Hakka which is really quite funnily me up if you'd like to hear it..:-D) Taaa.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Murphy's Law

Ok,, so I didn't get many invitations this year to attend wedding dinners. A blessing, really. And considering I already have 6(!!) confirmed invitations next year. Year 2009 will be year of angpows-giving.

However, I have one dinner coming up this Saturday nite, which is only 2 days away..And yes, when you're really looking forward to something, the universe will conspire in all ways to ruin it for you...

For at this moment, I have a few HUGEEEE-ass pimples sitting on my face. I do normally get pimples, but not pimples relatively as big as Jumbo Jets..! Sigh, to think that i have to lug them to the dinner and have these suckers captured forever in photos..:-(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now u know..

Reason to be super duper hardworking during appraisal month: Destitution might drive one to prostitution..:-PPPPP

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bah, humbug..

So I'll rant again..hehe..its my blog and i can rant if i want to..:-)

Well, for one, I hate the traffic. They say you'll get used to the traffic, jams and all, after a while. Fat chance, i still hate it even after i've been stuck in it hundreds of times. My leg gets tired and all other road users are still idiots (ok, so they probably drive better than me most times, but they're the ones who just had to be on the road with me at the same time thus jamming the roads thus are idiots). I have to plan all my schedules around traffic peak times and it disrupts my hip and happening life!! Hahha, ok, mayb i dont have a hip and happening life, but hey, mayb i would if traffic is smooth all day all hours...:-P

I don't like the new Digi ads as well, the ones with the ducks. I loved the Olympics ads where the Yellow man was so cute...but the ducks? Trying to be too cute and too funny, which everyone knows that if you try to hard, the humour just wont be there. So i say..bring back the simple and effective Yellow man....

Then i found out why the camping chicks are such airheads!! Coz they're air stewardessess!!! U know, the new ad showing how they were late to the airports. Hahha, i'm so politically incorrect, but hey, sue me.

Hmm, wat else that i've noticed lately? mmm...oh..the Tiger ad thats showing in cinemas is not bad. That one showing the 2 guys competing on who can get the more Tiger beers...I'd love to spend some time on the beach with that two..haha..

Ok, enuf ramblings...not so much ranting this time huh..Have a good Thursday...:-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How in the brew hell.....

So amidst all the rantings and the emotional roller coasters lately, I've managed to gain weight! Fecking amazing! Maybe i'm just destined to be a 'bulat'..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, bugger...

We really cannot eat anything these days. Ok lar, cannot eat anything from China at least, if you really must eat...

I bought this good tasting biscuits a while ago, finished bout 90% of it, and wham, received a forwarded mail and saw this report from Singapore...melamime detected in certain products, and yep, my biscuits in the list...

This is how it looks like..

Tomato flavour, quite yummy actually...

Details of it:-

Silang - House of Steamed Potato –
Potato & Tomato Cracker
(Made in China)
Melamime level detected.8.1 ppm

Dont think the level is tat high...(the White Rabbit candy's level is 67ppm to 160ppm, btw).. And you'd have to consume large quantities of it to be of harm. Hundreds of packets at least..

And the thing is I had given out the biscuits to other ppl to eat too, most notably is CY and my now i cant forward the mail out to them, or they might accuse me of poisoning them.. Really din mean to, peeps, I ate the bulk of the biscuits, so i;m the biggest victim here. Forgive me, who wants some unlabeled white milky candies with soluble/edible wrappers that i bought for 99 cents a carton from the nice lady with the beijing accent?? Factory overrun, she said. Wat a bargain!:-p

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nutcase Ramblings

Feeling absolutely like shit. Cant concentrate on anything, except mayb moping and be depressed. Sucking on this HOneyStix that Yshin bought from Singapore and left at my hse. Tastes like shit too..hahah...Its better if its just honey, but they mixed it with other flavours like plum and peach. Don't buy it even though it sounds delish, honeybabeh. Tat's why he left the whole packet in my ex hse. Huh.

Tis post doesnt intend to make any sense, only meant to be therapeutic to me and me alone. So if u're confused later, don't blame me..

Well, tis is aredi October 2008. Why does life has to be such a bitch and throw more and more challenges to our faces when we get older? Sure, c'est la vie, but does it have to be like tat?? Can't things just get simpler once in a while??? Like, I've read all these articles in National geographic and reader's digest and these ppl who were interviewed were always saying "From that moment i held the baby elephant's feet/touch the horse's placenta/dig up corpses(mummies/corpses the same la) in the Valley of the Corpses (sori, Kings)/ saw her face in the crowd, I KNEW IT!

I wanna be a podiatrist (foot doctor, i googled it so u dont have to)/horse midwife/undertaker/stalker. " And they went on to say how much joy their job gave them, how they're goin to do it for the rest of their life, nothing else they wan..You get the picture..

Why cant I have tat?? Why cant I be sure of my true calling in life? Why all the searchings of the soul, the doubts, the insecurities, the fears, the moments of near truths and never full truths. Are all these needed? A wise man told me that without all the bitterness in life, we wouldnt know the sweetness. And i told him I KNOW all the sweetness, I really can do without all the bitterness. We all drink WONG LOU KAT even though its bitter ONLY because its good to our bodies, not because we need the bitter to tell us that chrysanthemum tea taste sweet. NOw, now, dont tell me that the challenges are like wong lou kat, we have them because they're good to us. In wat sense? So tat i;ll be tougher? Be more mature? Be more wise? Then everyone should spend a year in prison or sleep on the streets then everyone will be the model citizen. NO, the truth is ppl get broken down, gets disappointed, lost their sense of purpose because life dealt to them blow after blow...

Okay, now u'll say tat i'm not a prisoner, nor am i a homeless person, i have much to be thankful about, I should say my blessings every single day, and I AM thankful, I AM blessed with certain things, does that mean I cant show my vulnerability? I cant mope? I can't bitch about the bitchiness of life?

Sigh...much ado about nothing, really, coz tis time tomorrow I'll still go to work, trying to please bosses and clients while trying to be friendly to coworkers, I'll still be another worker ant trying not to get squashed, I'll still be yearning for a simpler life, I'll still be wishing I have Keeley Hazell's body (although I doubt I'll have a simple life if I have her body), I'll still be yakking with Annie on msn whenever we can snake, I'll still be silly and immature and watch Entourage with Yshin, I'll still be giving all sorts of wrong (Petronas was just by the mosque near KLCC right??Remember the taxis lining up for NGV previously?) directions to people and I'll still love those who are dear to me...I lap u!! :-)

I've finished the honeystix and am now munching on wasabi peas instead..Whoa,,,HELPPP...I CANT BREATH!!

Oh wait, that was just wasabi attacking my nose..See, still silly...bitterness (or wasabi) can't eradicate my silliness..So all in all, i'll rather do without more bitterness, thankyouverymuch. U cant suffocate me, wasabi!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The boring 100th Post

I realised tis is my 100th post and had wanted to do something special. But alas, I just dont have the time with all the house shifting business and being technically homeless and all, and furthermore my thumbdrive is infected with Ebola or something so i cant upload my photos.
So in the meantime, just make do with this stupid lawyers joke k.
One afternoon a wealthy lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass.Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.

He asked one man 'Why are you eating grass?

''We don't have any money for food,' the poor man replied. 'We have to eat grass.

''Well, then, you can come with me to my house and I'll feed you', the lawyer said.'But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over there, under that tree'.

'Bring them along,' the lawyer replied.Turning to the other poor man he stated, 'You come with us also.'

The second man, in a pitiful voice then said, 'But sir, I also have a wife and SIX children with me!''Bring them all, as well,' the lawyer answered.

They all entered the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine was. Once underway, one of the poor fellows turned to the lawyer and said, 'Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you.

'The lawyer replied, 'Glad to do it. You'll really love my place; the grass is almost 1 metre high!'

Lesson : Don't trust kind lawyers!!!!


Well, well, Don't worry, my place only has cactus instead of grass....:-D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Bits

1. I have a craving for pasta right now.
2. I miss London.
3. My head is itchy coz i was too lazy to wash my hair tis morning.
4. I wanna watch Tropic Thunder, wacky comedies are the best.
5. Monkeys are supposed to have a really great year in 2009. Don't know bout gorillas though.
6. This reminds me of the David Letterman's TopTen list. But no Drew Barrymore dancing on my table and showing me her tits.
7. My handphone is not behaving itself.
8. My HesBC's credit card bill has not arrived yet and afraid that I'll incur interest if I don settle on time, a call was placed to their customer service dept, and found out that my bill this month is only RM11.47. :-)
9. There are green bits inside the office's water dispenser. Most probably seaweed.
No No. 10 coz i've ran out of bits.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I ate one whole biji of Dragonfruit last nite for dinner. The red and sweet kind.

Then woke up hungry at midnite and had biscuits. So, definitely not worth it to skip dinner and had supper instead. ahhaah..

And btw, the title is the color of my uh humm...toilet business this morning...teehee...Ohhh, perhaps thats where Thomas Harris got his inspiration for his novel, the Red Dragon, while s(h)itting in the loo...hahahahahah....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Annie's BBQ

Annie's BBQ at Pantai Hillpark...Posting just to make her happy... haha...Since she's my fashion consultant....

It was potluck, lots of difrent food...

Hoi and Ling..

Me and a wet CY (aww..he still drools after me!:-P)

Sibu gangstas in KL! :-PP

I did NOT finish that bottle of COLa all by myself ok..

I was just back from Krabi then, so as you can see i was super toasted and pimply to boot! Anyone wanna picit my pimple for me??

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've been packing things up lately since I'm shifting out from this hse end of this month. I've packed up the clothes that I haven't been wearing lately and also won't be wearing soon, which is 3/4 of all the clothes i own. Not that they're out of fashion but its just that i've gained so much weight i cant fit into them anymore.:-(

So so, I'm gonna embark on yet another diet.. I must at least lose 1 kg by this time next month. If that is not achievable, I would want to at least feel healthier by then.

I'm gonna cut off bread in the mornings and not eating heavy dinners after 9.

Small but crucial baby's first steps towards success..

Even if I stumble, or worse, fail, I will not be deterred. As the chinese have one saying (they have sayings for all occasions and situations, as you know), Failure is the mother of success...

Most probably created by losers...hahaha...

Anyway, its been raining lots lately and weather is make sure u drink lots n lots of liquid and bring Rihanna along whenever u're going outdoors.....(Umbrella, ella..):-)

PS, words of encouragement and tips on diets are much welcomed!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


As in Bunny..

Overheard at Bukit Tinggi Rabbit Farm..

"Daddy daddy, I want to kill the rabbits."

"Why do you want to kill the rabbits,....rabbits are for you to play with."

"I want to kill them and drink their blood."

And you thought kids are cute...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stil Krabi..

I must must post this up today...i've been neglecting my blog recently. But pardon me if i cant find anything witty to say ok..:-)

Anyway, this was Day 3 in Krabi. The best day of the whole trip. Before i went on the trip, i thought the sea, the beach, was all tat was to krabi. But i was so wrong..coz Krabi had some other gems as well..

First off, we went hiking 800 meters (penny told me it was 800 kilometers at first!! FYI 800 kms from Krabi is Bangkok ok..) into one reserved forest or sthing and we were really impressed!

Ta-dA! The emerald/crystal pool. I know it looks like a swimming pool at some swanky hotel, but it was not! It's all natural and it was gorgeous!!! We arrived early and since it was the off peak season, we had the whole place to ourselves! The guide said if its the peak season, the pool wouldn't be so clear as the crowd would've kicked up the sand from the bottom of it.

We had so much fun there and we spent nearly 2 hours til when some other ppl started to arrive.
I was really sceptical about goin to Krabi during off peak season, as normally off peak season is monsoon season. But we didnt meet much rain, except during snorkelling day and even then it was just in passing. Most times it was still stickly hot like how u'd love Thailand to be..There isnt any crowd anywhere and during most meal times we were the few ppl around in restaurants and thus we were served very promptly. Although services in Thailand are normally and generally very fabulous already.
And shopping, we bought a bit, not much but stil there was a street (a long one) where the stalls are adequate to entertain us girls for 3 nites. The prices are not dirt cheap though, and it must be more expensive during peak season right.
Anyway, after the crystal pool, we thought, tat was it la right, what more this small island can offer...

Hot spring waterfall!

I absolutely loved it! The water was really warm and the best thing is that unlike the normal hot spring where water is stagnant and there's a strong sulphur or whatever mineral smell, this is flowing water and no smell!

The place is rather small but coz its off season, we had good spots.

20 mins is the recommended time for each dip. I had start coming out of the water after 10 mins with face red like a lobster. Indication of high blood pressure maybe...:-(

Look at us...enjoying the wonders of nature (except for Joe, no eyes see us..hahah)...Absolutely amazing...either that or i need to get out more...hahahaha....

After that wonderful morning, we went to Krabi town for some walking around.

Those are traffic lights 'holders'. Haha, u've heard of tea light's holder, but not traffic light holder right.. Quite cool, dunno any history or story behind it though...

Their market...selling delicious food..

we had soya bean juice with other ingredients in it, sthing like ais kacang style except this one with soya bean juice as base. Yumz! The best thing: only RM 1!!!

THis was at dinner.

Most of the restaurants we went to were heavily renovated ie, really good designs etc...Food was okay lar..

The girls with gold fish eyes..:-P

Then on that last night, we decided to go out and have fun...

me in their tuk truck..(my own term for it, creative??:-D)

we ended up in some bar near the shopping stalls. Another off peak downside: not many ppl around, thus not happening at all la..

The few angmohs there were not worth gawking at...cheh..well, they probably thought the same of us!! ahhahaha

Do we look like Thai bar girls loitering around waiting for customers???heheh..

We got so bored we ended up playing Jenga..

Then at midnight, the guys shooed us back to the hotel....No kidding!!!

They went to have a second round..and the next morning gloating and glowing reports from the guys was that they chatted up the local girls and went to a local disco where they hugged, danced and generally notti-ed!

All they paid for was the drinks for the girls...lucky bastards...

Ok, so now when my male friends say they wan to go to Krabi for holidays, we know why....:-))

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tee hee

I've had a good birthday! thanks everyone who sent me wishes..:-))

I've had so much good food for the past 2 weeks, wish i could list down everything i eat.. so u guys can see wat a glutton i am...but i know u guys will be jealous as no..except those i've taken pictures of la..

So happy continuing our lonnnngggg weeekend okay...i have some shit(luckily not d real kind this time, but close) to deal with moro...but i'll b strong n weather it through...

Muakss and i'm off.......

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yes, the Krabi bikini pictures....

I'm so regretting hyping up the so called bikini pics now..hahaha.. Nvm...since i've promised, there they are....

Can you see tat guy at the back in grey?? So cute!! But the gf was around...cheh...

Boss actually looks quite alright in this pic...coz it only shows half his face and its blur...hahaha..

No man's an island...except this island looks like a man, lying down....A very 'strong' man...:-P

Snorkel time! Gorgeous water....

That's chicken island at the back...growing outta my head...

Hiau picture alert!!

Now now. don't just keep looking at Penny's

Here's the bikini pic i promised! Miss Krabi contestants....

That's poda island's resident goose. Funny goose, scared of ppl one instead of the normal garang ones in Malaysia..

Goose swimming in the sea!!!

Hahah, this nearly capsized the boat...

Woohoo.....blowing in the white shirt was a popular prop. mama......

Another hiau pic!

I was Miss Krabi July.:-DDDDD

Phew whitittt...Penny's the oldest with the mostest....Catch my drift???!

Everyone's must do pose during a beach trip...

Dont ask me y....Monkey see monkey do...Where's my bananas??

Don't be jealous u guys...although it was very comfortable...heh..



Bollywood in Krabi..

Oh yes, fishies, bite me...there.....harder....