Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stil Krabi..

I must must post this up today...i've been neglecting my blog recently. But pardon me if i cant find anything witty to say ok..:-)

Anyway, this was Day 3 in Krabi. The best day of the whole trip. Before i went on the trip, i thought the sea, the beach, was all tat was to krabi. But i was so wrong..coz Krabi had some other gems as well..

First off, we went hiking 800 meters (penny told me it was 800 kilometers at first!! FYI 800 kms from Krabi is Bangkok ok..) into one reserved forest or sthing and we were really impressed!

Ta-dA! The emerald/crystal pool. I know it looks like a swimming pool at some swanky hotel, but it was not! It's all natural and it was gorgeous!!! We arrived early and since it was the off peak season, we had the whole place to ourselves! The guide said if its the peak season, the pool wouldn't be so clear as the crowd would've kicked up the sand from the bottom of it.

We had so much fun there and we spent nearly 2 hours til when some other ppl started to arrive.
I was really sceptical about goin to Krabi during off peak season, as normally off peak season is monsoon season. But we didnt meet much rain, except during snorkelling day and even then it was just in passing. Most times it was still stickly hot like how u'd love Thailand to be..There isnt any crowd anywhere and during most meal times we were the few ppl around in restaurants and thus we were served very promptly. Although services in Thailand are normally and generally very fabulous already.
And shopping, we bought a bit, not much but stil there was a street (a long one) where the stalls are adequate to entertain us girls for 3 nites. The prices are not dirt cheap though, and it must be more expensive during peak season right.
Anyway, after the crystal pool, we thought, tat was it la right, what more this small island can offer...

Hot spring waterfall!

I absolutely loved it! The water was really warm and the best thing is that unlike the normal hot spring where water is stagnant and there's a strong sulphur or whatever mineral smell, this is flowing water and no smell!

The place is rather small but coz its off season, we had good spots.

20 mins is the recommended time for each dip. I had start coming out of the water after 10 mins with face red like a lobster. Indication of high blood pressure maybe...:-(

Look at us...enjoying the wonders of nature (except for Joe, no eyes see us..hahah)...Absolutely amazing...either that or i need to get out more...hahahaha....

After that wonderful morning, we went to Krabi town for some walking around.

Those are traffic lights 'holders'. Haha, u've heard of tea light's holder, but not traffic light holder right.. Quite cool, dunno any history or story behind it though...

Their market...selling delicious food..

we had soya bean juice with other ingredients in it, sthing like ais kacang style except this one with soya bean juice as base. Yumz! The best thing: only RM 1!!!

THis was at dinner.

Most of the restaurants we went to were heavily renovated ie, really good designs etc...Food was okay lar..

The girls with gold fish eyes..:-P

Then on that last night, we decided to go out and have fun...

me in their tuk truck..(my own term for it, creative??:-D)

we ended up in some bar near the shopping stalls. Another off peak downside: not many ppl around, thus not happening at all la..

The few angmohs there were not worth gawking at...cheh..well, they probably thought the same of us!! ahhahaha

Do we look like Thai bar girls loitering around waiting for customers???heheh..

We got so bored we ended up playing Jenga..

Then at midnight, the guys shooed us back to the hotel....No kidding!!!

They went to have a second round..and the next morning gloating and glowing reports from the guys was that they chatted up the local girls and went to a local disco where they hugged, danced and generally notti-ed!

All they paid for was the drinks for the girls...lucky bastards...

Ok, so now when my male friends say they wan to go to Krabi for holidays, we know why....:-))

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