Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've been packing things up lately since I'm shifting out from this hse end of this month. I've packed up the clothes that I haven't been wearing lately and also won't be wearing soon, which is 3/4 of all the clothes i own. Not that they're out of fashion but its just that i've gained so much weight i cant fit into them anymore.:-(

So so, I'm gonna embark on yet another diet.. I must at least lose 1 kg by this time next month. If that is not achievable, I would want to at least feel healthier by then.

I'm gonna cut off bread in the mornings and not eating heavy dinners after 9.

Small but crucial baby's first steps towards success..

Even if I stumble, or worse, fail, I will not be deterred. As the chinese have one saying (they have sayings for all occasions and situations, as you know), Failure is the mother of success...

Most probably created by losers...hahaha...

Anyway, its been raining lots lately and weather is make sure u drink lots n lots of liquid and bring Rihanna along whenever u're going outdoors.....(Umbrella, ella..):-)

PS, words of encouragement and tips on diets are much welcomed!


Terra Shield said...

Oh, good luck!

Some tips I've heard but can't seem to practice:
a) Drink apple juice (green ones) in the morning
b) Eat early.
c) Drink lots of water (cold is better, I heard)

sir hc said...

Fornication....plenty of fornication is the perfect exercise. seriously. so make sure dress up kinky when out wif cy.

Denise said...

terra, thank you! i'll try to follow ur tips, altho i dont hav a juicer. hm..

sir, is that y u're so skinny?? coz u always dress so kinky??:-P

sir hc said...

Well, it ain't easy to be me....(to the tune of five for fighting's superman)

kinky? only kinky sex pls...

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