Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

zoom zoom

That's the tagline and the very first thing that greets you when you enter the mazda 3. My buddy got himself the very new and very white mazda 3 and i got to take it for a spin last nite. I want one for myself!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here are the studio pics

These are the ones that will make it into the 65 pics in the album....

The outdoor is in PD, my favourite place away from KL...

Caveat: These pics have not yet been photoshopped, so don't blow 'em up to see my crows feet ok....hehehe, as if you're so interested...
Anyway, generally the photos are ok. No wow factor, but simple and nice, just like how i want them to no complaints...
Whatcha thinks???

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 2 sides of everything

Scenario 1:-

This morning I saw a lizard for the first time in my kitchen, scared the shit outta me, yeah, i'm super scared of things slimy and cold - frogs top the list, cicaks second.

Then i thought, maybe i scared the shit outta the lizard also, it seeing me for the first time too maybe. Perhaps it thinks it owns the kitchen too????

Scenario 2:-

My condo's lift requires us to touch the access card to the card reader panel in order to press the buttons to reach our respective floors.

The card reader panel was out of order that fateful day, which it has never been, since i shifted in nearly 2 years ago. That's my defence, read on...

So i entered the lift, there was a couple inside. I repeatedly touched my card to the reader and there wasnt a nit of a reaction from it. The couple was looking at me trying the whole time without saying a word, until i finally realised that the reader was out of order, and pressed the button to my floor. (Meaning everyone can access all floors). I immediately thought, stupid couple, cannot open mouth to just tell me the reader spoilt meh...

Then it dawned on me that maybe the couple could be also thinking, stupid girl, press so many times only realized the reader spoilt....

Scenario 3 :-

I just got my bridal photos back from the studio the other day, emailing to some of my close frens to get their opinions on the photos (general opinion is ok larr, bolehlah. Will post some here soon).

Anyway, one of my girlfriends is also having her wedding soon, and she had also gotten back her photos from the studio. In my enthusiasm to share mine and to see hers, i said why dont you email me some and i'll also email mine to you. She said ok.

Hours passed, didnt receive her photos, so the following emails were exchanged-
Bridezilla 1 (me) : "Where are your photos?"
Bridezilla 2 (her): "Where's yours???? I didnt bring mine to work"
1 : "on condition that you send me yours moro" attaching my photos
2 : "Eh fren, i didnt even ask to see yours lar"
1 : :-/ (wtf!)

Apparently, she had taken offence and interpreted my "on condition that you send me yours moro" as "eh you kiamsiap and refusing-to-share bitch, here are my photos, you better send me yours moro or else".

So there, my brand of humour does not fare well with everyone. And she's probably stressed out with the wedding arrangements etc, and this pesky friend who keeps asking where her photos are isnt helping AT ALL!

I'm still on the fence whether to make amends with her or to just keep it as a formal and courteous kind of frens as 10 years of friendship couldnt make her understand my slap-sticking and wuliao type of humour, she still wont be able to understand given another 10 years, right.

But then again, me as a fren of hers for 10 years too, maybe i should've realised that she's the sensitive (and unappreciative of my humour) type and be less 'direct' in my communication with her?...

Oh well, life's funny and fragile like tat...*scratch head and pray for lizard to migrate to next door*

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Here goes....

Look at the power of Nubra....

Still makeupping...

Annie said i look like auntie in this pic...Mature look doesnt suit me well, i think..., coz i'm so youthful....:-P

I love this green dress...a bit Herve Leger bandage dress like.......Love the hair look among all i think.....

Fat arms, cant help it!!!
The other 2 outfits we didnt manage to get any photos coz we were rushing for time.
So, now the countdown of 2 weeks till we see the studio pics......
KanCHiongggggg......and fingers crossed till wanna patah!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from photoshooting

Boy, was it tiring. heck, i'm still tired even though i had a gd and deep 9 hours sleep last nite. But it was due partly to me unable to sleep much the 2 nites before the shoot coz i was too excited! Anyway, its all done, and even though it was tiring, i believed hubby n i had fun too, coz its not everyday we got dressed up to the max and be supermodels. I believe that if there's a modeling competion named Malaysia's Next Top (Fat) Model, i'd win it too!! Hehe..

Got some informal photos taken, will try to post them moro....:-)))))

Friday, August 6, 2010

Photoshooting next week!

Oh oh oh oh oh my god.....My pre-wedding photoshoot is next week! I'm very very kanchiong that i'm gonna be the exception, that my photos will turn out ugly and look exactly like my normal self, coz everyone's pics turn out wonderful and beautifully amplified (ie photoshopped)100 times. hehe.. Maybe i need to get some models' faces and bodies photos ready to be superimposed over mine. Hahaha..Not funny.

And i also wanna whine that weddings are such expensive affairs - take this pre-wedding photoshoot for example, we are taking the 3.2k package, pretty standard stuff, 2 albums, 3 photoframes bla bla. Not including ampoules at rm30 each, further additions of photos, if any. And for pre pre-wedding photo shoot, i have to go and touch up on my roots (i've discussed this with many brides, some say no need, some say must, so i have to take the safest route and do it) which will be around Rm150 , do french manicure =RM55, classic pedicure = RM45, get a Nubra = RM20, maybe a corset =RM70. Crazy larrrrrr!!!!