Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, August 6, 2010

Photoshooting next week!

Oh oh oh oh oh my god.....My pre-wedding photoshoot is next week! I'm very very kanchiong that i'm gonna be the exception, that my photos will turn out ugly and look exactly like my normal self, coz everyone's pics turn out wonderful and beautifully amplified (ie photoshopped)100 times. hehe.. Maybe i need to get some models' faces and bodies photos ready to be superimposed over mine. Hahaha..Not funny.

And i also wanna whine that weddings are such expensive affairs - take this pre-wedding photoshoot for example, we are taking the 3.2k package, pretty standard stuff, 2 albums, 3 photoframes bla bla. Not including ampoules at rm30 each, further additions of photos, if any. And for pre pre-wedding photo shoot, i have to go and touch up on my roots (i've discussed this with many brides, some say no need, some say must, so i have to take the safest route and do it) which will be around Rm150 , do french manicure =RM55, classic pedicure = RM45, get a Nubra = RM20, maybe a corset =RM70. Crazy larrrrrr!!!!

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