Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, bugger...

We really cannot eat anything these days. Ok lar, cannot eat anything from China at least, if you really must eat...

I bought this good tasting biscuits a while ago, finished bout 90% of it, and wham, received a forwarded mail and saw this report from Singapore...melamime detected in certain products, and yep, my biscuits in the list...

This is how it looks like..

Tomato flavour, quite yummy actually...

Details of it:-

Silang - House of Steamed Potato –
Potato & Tomato Cracker
(Made in China)
Melamime level detected.8.1 ppm

Dont think the level is tat high...(the White Rabbit candy's level is 67ppm to 160ppm, btw).. And you'd have to consume large quantities of it to be of harm. Hundreds of packets at least..

And the thing is I had given out the biscuits to other ppl to eat too, most notably is CY and my now i cant forward the mail out to them, or they might accuse me of poisoning them.. Really din mean to, peeps, I ate the bulk of the biscuits, so i;m the biggest victim here. Forgive me, who wants some unlabeled white milky candies with soluble/edible wrappers that i bought for 99 cents a carton from the nice lady with the beijing accent?? Factory overrun, she said. Wat a bargain!:-p

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