Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bah, humbug..

So I'll rant again..hehe..its my blog and i can rant if i want to..:-)

Well, for one, I hate the traffic. They say you'll get used to the traffic, jams and all, after a while. Fat chance, i still hate it even after i've been stuck in it hundreds of times. My leg gets tired and all other road users are still idiots (ok, so they probably drive better than me most times, but they're the ones who just had to be on the road with me at the same time thus jamming the roads thus are idiots). I have to plan all my schedules around traffic peak times and it disrupts my hip and happening life!! Hahha, ok, mayb i dont have a hip and happening life, but hey, mayb i would if traffic is smooth all day all hours...:-P

I don't like the new Digi ads as well, the ones with the ducks. I loved the Olympics ads where the Yellow man was so cute...but the ducks? Trying to be too cute and too funny, which everyone knows that if you try to hard, the humour just wont be there. So i say..bring back the simple and effective Yellow man....

Then i found out why the camping chicks are such airheads!! Coz they're air stewardessess!!! U know, the new ad showing how they were late to the airports. Hahha, i'm so politically incorrect, but hey, sue me.

Hmm, wat else that i've noticed lately? mmm...oh..the Tiger ad thats showing in cinemas is not bad. That one showing the 2 guys competing on who can get the more Tiger beers...I'd love to spend some time on the beach with that two..haha..

Ok, enuf ramblings...not so much ranting this time huh..Have a good Thursday...:-)


Abhi said...

hi...u read to be a very versatile lady, who is vivacious n lively....though u might keep different perspectives....u write well...r u a lawyer?

Denise said...

hi Abhi, thanks for ur comment..:-D