Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hehe, true enough, i'm back with another post. Just couldn't resist. So, today's topic: How long does it take for one to fully become skillful in driving? A car, of course.

Wat better example than myself right..see, i've officially been driving for a year now. I've had my fair share of banging and scraping and many many near misses and lucky escapes. Yet, i thought my driving skills definitley have improved the past year. And me getting the 625 subsidy is some sort of a coming of (driver's) age event.

Yet, this morning, in my office's parking lot (seems like my Big White suffers a lot in parking lots. His bane of some sort.) I was trying to do reverse parking into either one of two adjacent parking spaces. And sure enough, I parked right in the middle of the two. And there's a Camry waiting. So after a million manueveurs, i was finally able to (dis)gracefully park into a space. And Camry parked right beside me. He smiled and from through two cars' glass panels (mine and his, obviously), I thought hmm...this man's got patience and manners. Anyway, I continued my morning chatter on the phone with Yshin (he's having an arm wrestling competition in his firm this evening!) and when i finished my conversation and locked car and everything, I see that Camry man was still waiting for the lift. Then he smiled at me. Then i smiled back. All very sweet and cordial.

Then he spoke. "U bought your license isit?" What the helll.....................
Smile slipped off my face and I said i just started driving not long ago (one year, still singular, not long ago lar..). Then he said, "oh no wonder lar, turn here n there so many times." He said it half-jokingly and in a not mean manner, yet, your jokes fell flat mister....hmmph.
Lift came, we got in, saw my col, talked to my col, totally ignored him.

So for you ppl, next time u're in this situation (in Camry's shoes, of course, not mine, i hope nobody parks as bad as i do), do not make jokes of tat kind if you happen to wait for the same lift. Just smile and say sthing like, practice makes perfect. Oh wait, if anybody's as sensitive as half the girls' population, maybe the person will take it the wrong way too.. So, better if just smile and say, bad traffic jam today ya.... There, won't that be nice....:-D


Terra Shield said...

That wasn't very nice of that guy. I suffered to reverse park my car when I first started driving as well, so I know your pain

Denise said...

hopefully by this time next year i would be driving better...:-)