Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi ppl...if there are still ppl reading my blog..coz I know I haven't been doing posting lately. Its not my fault really, coz my internet connection has been down these few days. The perils of blogging from the office hehe. The IT fella said they had no clue of reason why my internet connection was so slow. Cables intact, server running, etc. Virus scans revealed nothing. But he suspected it was spyware and asked what kinda websites do i normally surf. Errr.....hahhaha.. I said the normal kinds la. I swear, I haven't been surfing porn here. Yet. The most is the one time gpost. Tats all. And what i surf here i wat i surfed back in the old firm. And nothing bad happened there...

Anyway anyway, the IT fella worked overtime last evening to fix this thing. And this morning, all seemed fine again. Cheers! Hopefully it won't act up again la.

Well, well, The Dark Knight is starting to show today. Anybody got tickets to go? I'm planning to go on the weekend. If you know me, u'd know that CY spoils me and will get tics for us to watch new movies on Thursdays themselves. But alas, I have a new activity lining up this evening.....I'm going to aerobics class! Yup, i'm following my colleagues to this place where teach aerobics, yoga, dance etc. I went for the first class on Tuesday and I'm still a bit sore everywhere but already paid, so must go lar... CY is happy too that i'm finally getting some exercise. But it really does feel great after a good sweat ya...WEll, we'll see how long i can keep up with it...heh..

Gotta go read something alien (its conveyancing, which i know zilch about) now.. Have a gd day, you good ppl!:-)

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