Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, July 11, 2008


Annie has bought the tics to watch Hellboy2 later tonight in Midval. I think it should be good, since Hellboy 1 was quite alright. But Cy thinks that it wont be good, through the preview. Lets see who shall be right yea.

On movies, Hancock was quite a disappointment to me. I really thought it'd be fantastic. But alas, it didnt rock my boat. The beginning half was ok, Will Smith being the lost superhero and all. The action not too bad either. But when it started to turn serious, with Charlize Theron looking all secretive and mysterious, for me it lost its charm. Charlize's character didn;t really looked as if she wanted to lead a normal housewifey kinda life like she said she wanted. The immortality storyline etc...yech..

Journey to the centre of the earth is out also. I quite like Brendan Fraser in all his stereotyped action figure roles, although ppl can quite forget that he was also in quite successful movies such as Bedazzled, Blast from the Past and also a personal favourite, George of the Jungle. Who can forget how he looks like when he was transformed from the Jungleguy to Mr. Metrosexual...yummy...or isit just me who stil remember tat...?? haha..

Anyway, new job is rather challenging. I cant believe how pampered I was in the old firm...Hmm...Its definitely correct, look for a change to really challenge yourself...

Adios frends..have a nice weekend...:-)

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