Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, April 28, 2008

How much is RM160 really worth?

How much really? Well, it must be of a different value for different kinds of ppl. I'm asking this question because recently my colleague Connie has decided to move out from the small room in my rented apartment. And i had put up notices in the neighbourhood to rent it out. RM160 for one single female, or 180 for 2 persons, including water n electricity.

But the ppl who had come to view the room had been disappointing thus far. There were the young and restless blonde-haired(the dyed kind) couple and 2 female dubious characters who came to view d room at midnight.

And last night 2 parttime students. Seems ok, but i have my grave reservations... firstly, I would hav to start sharing d bathroom with 2 other girls. And them being part time students would mean that they would spend a large chunk of time in the house. I don spend hours in the bathroom but i do like tat d bathroom is mine n mine alone. And i like that d whole living room is practically mine and i do whatever i like in the house. And I cant bear the thought of sharing the tv (and the remote, of coz) with anyone else.

But the perks of having someone taking up the room would be that i get to have RM160 every month. Might not seem like a lot, but hey, it'll be more than enough to treat you (my frens) for a nice meal at the mamak hahaa...And it adds up to RM1920 a year! That would nicely pay for a trip to bali for one. And that there;ll be somebody at home most times.

So i dunno, give up some privacy and exclusive usage of the bathroom in return for a Bali trip end of the year?? ~_~


I can just wait for a single girl to rent, who's quiet, and likes to stay in her room at all material times...YEs, tat should be it...I'm sure i can tolerate one girl...haha. Ok, decision made...

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