Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, April 4, 2008

Of Eddie, Panda and Horton

I'm definitely looking like this i had a cuppa of kim gary's yin yong last nite at dinner and i was still so awake at 3 in the morning that i could actually make frens and had chats with mosquitoes over their lives' stories, if tat is possible of course. But they would most probably had gone to other victims to have their meals by then coz this fatty delicious victim just would not stop fidgetting and enter dreamland in order for them to sink their fangs into me (sounds a lil scary eh...ooohhh, which reminds me that they are scary coz one small mosquitoe in the name of eddie from the aedes clan took a liking to me when i was in std 6 and had me admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks, iv n blood drips, the works. not gd fun, tat 2 weeks) . anyway, I had intended to sleep till late this morning, but alas, wakey wakey at 8.

Another reason for my sleepness nite is also because of me losing my Long Call order, which is something like an approval/acknowledgement of me qualifying and practising as a lawyer. reason why i just recently realised the absence of my order is coz i'm thinking of switching firms, so i will need my order. But, surprise, surprise, i found it among d mountains of papers on my table just now! hehe, so phew, breath of relief...but really gotta change this careless attitude.., alwez losing things and forgetting things...[but really, those few times tat i left my phone in the hse, its actually me deliberately wanna climb up the stairs again for exercise's sake, cy......ermmm, buy it bo?? haha]

By the way, i really am waiting to watch the kungfu panda. y fat things are all cute n cuddly? except for adult humans mayb...hmm..

Another fat cuddly animal was horton, I watched Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who last weekend. very very tremendous fun! story line was gd, the jokes were funny. really enjoyed myself...and cy did, along the lines of cheesy reviews......2 thumbs up!

Happee weekend ppl!

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