Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, March 31, 2008

In view of successful blogging...

gosh, i just finished checking out xiaxue's and also kenny sia's blogs n i hav to say that their blogs are really really xiaxue's case, pics of her n her hot frens are an added bonus of course. but she's also seriously funny.. takes away a bit of the prejudice towards singapore n its ppl about them being robots for the government etc..xiaxue's blog records 10,000 hits a day! isnt tat amazing! n here i am, hoping my few precious blogders (blog readers) will not desert me out of sheer boredom.

however, i know where is the shortcoming of my blog...i don think i can ever be as deeply personal as most of the successful bloggers are. mind u, they relay their thoughts of sex, relationships, disdain for anybody,etcetc so freely and so courageously at a level that i know tat i could never be. for instance, i can never tell u here that i have a secret lesbian fantasy.. and tat i browse through gutterpst on an almost daily basis.. no, no, i can never tell u that..and if u found out nevertheless, u didnt hear that from me must b a hacker adding words to my blog..

another characteristic of the successful blogs is that expletives must be used incessantly and dutifully. well, i do think some expletives do make the blogger sounds cool, and it takes the messages across. however, when every other sentences is punctuated by a c***b** or a l**c**, i think d reader will hav an expletives overload.

however, in the spirit of successful and happening blogging....fuck it! i'm gonna say as much expletives as i like n i don care what the other m****f***** say about me..

ok, there...i've let it out of my system, but i stil kinda like the serenity and calming effect of my blog to its it sleep inducing if u must, but stil better than some teensy-angst filled hurtful thoughts against the world right?? right?? errmm..people...readers.....right?

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