Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, March 3, 2008


election day is coming! 8th of March, world's women's as a woman, an eligible voter, a civic-conscious citizen of this country tat we live in and a peace-loving but peace-dont-come-at-the-price-of-corruption-isa-and-unfairness believer, i fully support and totally live by the rule of a democratic country...and thus, i will vote.

i'll b back in my beloved hometown this weekend, the ever cosy port dickson for 2 very major things: 1) is to draw the X and take a look at the ballot box and feel grown uppy, and 2) is to meet up my dearest friends, yuin and pei, both of whom i havent seen in ages! the merest n slightest touching thing would get me off nowadays.. and as i'm typing this, i'm getting a little misty-eyed. i'm digressing, but really, in the working world and also the busier n busier schedules of everyone nowadays, its hard to keep in touch, and i, as someone who dont really make frens at the click of the finger, wat more those for life type, i feel really blessed to have my you guys! awwww....

i was at pkr's bilik gerakan at connought last sunday at the invitation of wilson to help out. i'm not really a political animal, i like so many other ppl, is just taking an interest in politics just b4 election, ie..when its a hot issue! and also coz i can cast my vote and make a diffrence! no matter how small it is...:-)

so i was distributing leaflets n mission statements for pkr's tan sri khalid last sunday around the few kopitiams in connought, i hav to say, the reception among the residents there was really cold. lukewarm at best. its like, don make eye contact, don come near me...don giv me anything...which is really understandable lar, since i hate those table to table salespersons too. but even after they realised tat its for political purposes, just the same attitude. but it was just light education on politics..don they wan to b educated n given choices in life? if really ignorance bliss??????

anyway, so as to lighten up the mood and not eliminate any readers, since readership of this blog alwez dips dangerously close to one [husky my regular reader, lov ya!].hahahaa...i'm gonna say that not voting is a choice too ya...and everybody should alwez respect other ppl's choices too...

as such....happy voting...or, if tat is irrelevant to you..happy world's women's day instead!!:-))))

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