Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, April 10, 2008


My eyes have been giving me lots of problems...n that's not inclusive of the amazing short-sightedness (its now +950!) . I've had corneal infections, which inflicted the kinda pain that would have u banging ur head against the wall and begging for it all to be ended, not to mention total blindness for a few days.

Again, its my eye tat had me taken mc these few days. But, its a new thing this time. As per Dr Allen who graduated from the University of Dublin and is in the Association of Physicians of Ireland, I had stye. S.T.Y.E. stye..nice Dr. Allen spelled it out for me, so for sure its accurate. And just like what Dr. Allen said, stye is mostly a nuisance, not really painful. Except when i blink. Anyway, apparently almost everyone has had stye before, mostly ppl when they're young. I knew stye by its chinese term, 'ngan tiu cham'. I've never had one before so I was really scraed and worried, knowing d history of my eyes, and the head banging pain related to it.

From wat i know, ngan tiu cham only afflicts ppl who peep other ppl in the shower. So, y me? Coz i definitely didnt peep anybody and i even off d light in the bathroom when i shower. hahaha..ok, mayb a bit far fetch there. but apparently, dr allen also said that nobody really know y styes happen... so me looking at edison's pictures was definitely not the reason y i got stye. n its safe for u guys 2 continue ogling also..;-P

okay, i'm off to the movies with my hokkien fella is friday nite...happy weekend, as usual...

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