Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Arthur's hot smoking pipe...LOL!

i had a vivid dream last nite, where i was having a cigarette, enjoying it, *. i don really remember the end of the dream though, whether i continued having my ciggie, or continued feeling guilty..very probably

wat probably triggered off my dream * was arthur having a smoking pipe in the meeting yesterday. i've never tried* a pipe before and i hav to say, the aroma was really nice. i honestly say here.... it is a regret that i've never tried a pipe before*... shd've tried all things tat i could...hmmm...o well, gotta live with it..

nonetheless, having woken up and feeling relieved that i'm stil holding on to my resolution resolutely, *...what say u, my i hav bigger better n more devilish vices?? would love to know, really.. don b afraid to tell me, i wont hold grudges against u for speaking out. tat is, unless, holding grudges is one of my vices too........;-)

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