Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Her name is Leona..

I've recently discovered some really talented showsmen(is there such a word?) and really fell in love with them..

Here is one of them...*LEONA LEWIS*

how i first heard of her:-

CY : Do u think Donna Lewis is pretty?
Me: No la, not pretty lar..
CY : The radio dj said she's hot
Me: (In disbelieve) Donna Lewis wor.....
CY : No, not Donna Lewis, that old bag ('scuse him, Donna Lewis' fans..)...Leona Lewis.
Me : Ermmm...who?
CY : U've never heard of her?
Me: (Indignant dy) No la...
CY: Anyway, she's the winner of X-factor and the dj said she's really hot, altho she has attitude issues and she's cocky.
Me: O..Okay...(thinking must check her out dy coz of my kiasu nature. lol)

Well, so i did, and i really liked what i found out..for one, Leona is the winner in the season 3 of X factor which is the british singing competition ala American Idol and even has Simon Cowell as one the judges/mentors. I caught a few episodes of X factor when i was in london a few yrs ago..and which shayne ward went on to win tat second season.

Leona has been singing since young and apparently Cy (or the dj) was ill-informed coz leona is actually shy and unassuming and hav no idea how gd she is! she was even criticised by the show's vocal coach for the lack of "IT" factor. but boy, can she sing...i saw a few of her xfactor performances on youtube...she's really really fab! so much better than carrie underwood, katherine mcphee and jordin sparks put together!

How hot is tat??!!

Here's one link to her new video "Bleeding Love" which i think is absolutely fantastic!!!

She's also been nominated for 4 awards at the Brit awards..she shd definitely win man!

And also since most of my frens have not heard of her before (sheesh, sooo.. out!lol)..i'm goin all out to promote her, she should be better known than the 3 girls mentioned up there.. malaysia is a commonwealth country for g*d's sake, support the colonial masters ok?! hahaahaha.... 17 n counting...

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