Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well, let's see, what have i been busy with recently?
Hmm...i went to a jacky cheung concert in May, paid and submitted (and forced my best buddy to pay and submit as well) to join the Stand Chart Charity run in June, but didnt end up going (official reason-bad air quality, actual reason-fat bums said over our dead lumpy bodies), helped my firm to shift location, had an implantable contact lens surgery which i'm still paying installments on, playing and pampering my cat (her official name at the vet is Ginger Ng!lol) and watching lots of cooking shows and not learning anything from them :-).

Nope, no holidays at all for the past 6 months, been itching like mad to bring my passport sightseeing, but nada. So now i'm planning a big ass holiday- 3 full weeks of it! I've decided to visit my friends in LA and NY in October, and my visa application interview is on next Monday! Just hope they dont reject my application and waste my RM512 application fee (i can get a coach bag already with that amount of money!).

But do you know that flying KL to LA takes about 19 hours? From LA to Grand Canyon about 8 hours by bus? From LA to NY is 5 hours? and finally NY to KL 22 hours? I get tired even thinking about the travelling time. And i'll be travelling alone too... Apprehension abound!! But when i think about the outlets sales, visiting Malibu, Statue of liberty, trying Tacobell and meeting my frens and their's all so alluring....So hmm, nvm, for now let me  just get past the visa interview first...I have to be there at 7.00AM at the embassy.....On MONDAY! I picked the time and day myself, brilliant am i not....:)

Ciao for now..or for a long period of time...who knows what life holds for this lazy blogger...:))


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Natallie said...

THREE weeks!!! U lucky fella!!