Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, September 23, 2013

Me in 2013

Oh my oh my, my blog is still around after all. :) Although the title of it is not so apt anymore, i am turning 33 the coming Monday! No celebration is planned, think my husband is too busy to make a fuss out of it too.. so my plan is just to buy myself a nice ice cream cone (from Cold Stone Creamery if available, but sadly it has yet to come to Malaysia, so i'll just make do with Baskins Robbins lar) and sit and enjoy life's simple pleasures. In fact, i think that is what i'm gonna rename my blog :) I've been too much of a whiner my whole life, think i wanna start searching for a Zen(ner) piece of mind and just basically, u know Carpe Diem!

Have a good week, peeps, if there are peeps around still..:))

And here's our Ginger cat saying hellooo.....