Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sakura love

 Suddenly thought of the time my mum, sis and I took a trip to Japan during the Sakura season a few years back. That was before the deadly and horrifying earthquake/tsunami happened. 

This was in Kyoto..what a wonderful clean, so beautiful, ppl were amazingly courteous and friendly. Lovely!

Not to mention the amazingly beautiful sakura flowers we saw in the trip...Hmmmmmm

And boy oh boy...the can i not mention the food...i love japanese food..and we had so many nice meals during the trip. This was taken when we had unagi rice..i'm not a big fish eater..but i finished it all..well, maybe not the skin. and i was quite taken aback when the chef asked why i didnt eat the skin! Paiseh maximum. For those who had followed a group tour to anywhere before, you will know that some of the places or restaurants they bring us to are just downright 'touristy' (spoken as if its a dirty word haha). Those, eat in 1 hour and you are out of the door type! And this chef to actually come to our table and take concern on why i didnt like the fish skin was sooo professional! 

But ever since the earthquake and the radioactive scare, i don't think either my mum nor my sis would want to revisit Japan so soon...

No worries, we have some amazing local Japanese restaurants that will have to do for now...Sayonara!:)