Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the name of the King

Yes, In the Name of the King (Queen if u're CY.hehee). CY's favourite movie of all time. Hehehhehee...Just kidding, its rather bad, actually. Watch it only if you need something to numb your brains..Or take it as a comedy...

Actually I want to talk about names...From what I could tell from my frens' Babies names recently, "J" is in the in. For boys, its Jared and Jaden. For girls, its Jamie. And not to mention Jay (as in Chou) and Jolene (as in Tsai). And i personally like Jansen (as in Button) and Jonathan and Jordan (as in New/Old Kids On the Block). More J Babies will come soon, mark my words!

Then again, there's "S". I wanna talk about Sherwyn. Picture little Sherwyn, with her ponytails and pink dress going to ballet class. Cute little girl....


Apparently Sherwyn is always covered in dirt playing football in the field and loves playing police and robber in 'his' spare time...Yes, Sherwyn is a dude!!. Make no mistake bout it. Coz I did, when i asked this uncle how old his granddaughter Sherwyn is, not having met her before. Then he looked at me like i'm an idiot and said Sherwyn is his grandson!

Errrmmm....u decide, granddaughter or grandson???

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