Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, August 17, 2008


These pics were taken more than a while back on a Sunday when me n sis had some strange miraculous motivation to wash our cars together.

Here's her lil White waiting for a shower while my Big White waits for her turn.

Even doggies have gathering on Sunday..

Aww..bye bye..

Then sis pottering around in her mini garden.

While bro in law Philip landed in the longkang..hehe...

Reflection off my Big White- see how nice my P sticker looks!

And see how cute my Qoo looks!

Gorgeous girl!

But sad to report that after that one time, we've never washed our cars ourselves again liao. And right now my Big White looks really sad, lost its sting, and scratches everywhere...haiz...tough life for an innocent naive pure (coz white mah!) car in the big scary city....


Adeline said...

good job..... don't think i've ever wash my little mazda3.

Denise said...

tqtq, next time u're back we'll let you join our funfilled and healthy activity ok...:-)