Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Preps

The wedding's slightly more than 2 months away now, and feels like there is sooo much thats not done. Yet, to name whats not done also i cant really put my chubby finger on it. Hmm...

But let's try though :-

1) House, renovating...contractor's ETC (expected time of completion) is mid Nov, our buffer is till end Nov. Furniture's half chosen. Paint colors still deciding...

2) Wedding Album... will be ready end of Oct. [for an update: rmb my fellow bridezilla? We went to her wedding last Saturday, and lo and behold (more like behear(d)), she had the same song that we had chosen to be put into the wedding photos' DVD! Swear i didnt know, and the song was chosen by CY..Placed an emergency call to the bridal house immediately after the wedding and luckily they're willing to change the song..phew..wouldn't want to have another episode, do we..haha]

3) Wedding gowns...booked a date end of the month to choose, another predicament, its on a weekday and my sis won't be around to help me choose, nor my close friends. I told CY that worst case scenario, he would have to go with me. Please lord, let me find a girl fren to go with!

4) Invitation cards...still pending the inserts from our restaurants before I can get the cards ready to be sent out. ETP - estimated time (for) posting is on the 1st of Nov. Having said that, i'm surprised that some of my so called friends have been giving me the runaround, evading to confirm whether they will come to wedding or not. And these are mainly men, thot men are supposed to be more decisive right? Yes or No or i'll let you know ASAP (to check whether my cousin's wedding/company dinner/father's 'bai dai sau' will be on the same date), not scurrying to 'Away' status whenever see me on messenger. Although baffled, its also funny seeing these ppl's reaction too..What can i say, some ppl are just not man enough...hehe yes i'm mean, but at least i've got more balls than them! :-PPPP

5) Still haven't gotten to wedding shoes, favors for jimuis, maybe favors for guests, pyjamas, food tasting, guests sitting, ...eeekkkk....think i need to go lie down (with my balls)......

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