Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rabbit lady!

The popular blogs are always inundated with photos of the bloggers camwhoring with themselves, themselves and themselves.

So a very wuliao me decided to try out camwhoring....I know i'm not cut from the same mould as the pretty bloggers, but hey, i'm already 30, if not camwhore now, when else rite?? When i'm 70? Twilight (years) will only be nice if Taylor Lautner's in it.

so here goes...

Me at home trying out different camwhore poses..

Just got back from the gym, so damp hair, bare face and a lot of wuliao ness...I was wearing a RM10 tee i got from Sg Wang.. Yup, on top of the wuliaoness, i have also tons of lianness....

And wearing my rabbit headband..

My fren pearly laughed when i showed her tis i'm really selfless in a way..cheering up your day by letting you laugh AT me!

Saint Crazy-Rabbit-Lady...:-DDDDDDD

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