Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm back!!

First day back at work today after a long hiatus. A bit tired, and definitely not looking forward to the drive home at the end of every working day. Took me RM8.10 and 45 minutes to get to work tis morning, that is not counting the petrol yet, and mind you, it was clear traffic all the way.

we've also sold our condo, and keys were given to the new owner yesterday. Used to take me 6km and 15 mins to get to work from the condo, now is 40 km and countless tolls. Sigh..but nevermind, life is all about gives and takes...wallow wallow....

And the funny thing is, i'm supposed to attend to some work matters tomorrow at the place just round the corner from our condo. Wtf right. I could wake up at 9.30, sluggishly make my way to the place and still have extra time for the 10oclock appointment if i still stay at the condo, instead, now i have to wake up at 8.30, leave the house at 9 and drive for an hour to make it in time. Err..what do you mean i still have it good at 8.30?? I mean, just compared to if i still stay at the condo=hello..wake up at 9.30! :=P

Nvm that, i have to count my blessings that now i have a bigger house and a husband. hopefully i'll get used to the long drive too, although i do wish i have a bigger more comfortable car though.. (WOMEN!!!hehe)

Okay, enough bout the bitchings: here are some pics from the wedding day, taken from my make up artist's website. I was generally pleased with her work that day, compliments aplenty. :=) but i suppose every bride will look pretty with 3 inch makeup on her..heheh

Always known that my left profile is nicer than the left..

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Adeline said...

Congrats!!! Gorgeous.... gorgeous!!! :)