Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Short Note 9.6.2008

Wow, May n June 08 have been so fruitful for my friends. Congratulations are in place...


1) Annie and Clement (and coach bag. :-))
- Registration in Sibu, Cymbiddium (wrong spelling but I don care la) Orchid
search, Registrars on seminar, frantic search for alternative registrar, Climbing up
3 (?) floors in dress, and other incidences all made for a memorable registration
for them both...

2) Adeline and John
- Wedding reception in California, finally an end to all the pre-marriage stress and
mini-fights on table centrepieces and invitations. So, will George Bush attend
your wedding??

3) Ling and Mr. Kot (heheheheehhe)
- Registration in New York. The penultimate among the PD lovable four to get
hitched (Kiasu!). All the best and hope we get to meet Mr. Kot soon!


1) My dear Pei delivered a baby boy on the 5.6.2008. Received her happy sms when I
was watching Kungfu Panda with CY. Promised to buy her baby a copy of Kungfu
Panda next time. Pirated can ar?? (Eh, what do u mean this jie jie is cheapskate??
These are difficult times ok...)

2) Then on 6.6.2008, my friend Jin Cheer told me that he's celebrating Father's Day
early. Baby boy as well....woohoo...

3) CY's sis had a baby boy in May as well..boy babies have taken over the world! Or, at
least my world..

Amazing aint it...

Anyway, Happy belated LAntern festival to all...I didnt eat any zhang, did u?? :-)


Anonymous said...

Is Nice to read your blog :))). Full of suprises and also find out old friends go another level of their lifes.

Denise said...

thank you for browsing my blog...but don go anonymous on me now...let me know who u are ok..:-))